Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Winter escapades

All the kids have had some form of excitement today. Caleb started it off....This morning, while I was upstairs, Caleb "seized the moment" to splash around in the toilet! I know! I'm still grossed least it was clean water :) Anyway, it was straight to the tub with him. Afterward, playing with the train table, he looked so cute and clean, I couldn't resist another pic. I just wish you could smell him too....I LOVE that clean baby smell.
Lauren and Michael had an interesting PE class today. (another homeschooling perk!) We had originally planned to go to the gym, but decided to head for the slopes instead! The slopes in the Crosley's backyard! They had a blast and got pretty worn out. I hope this snow doesn't melt too fast, for their sake!

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Brenda said...

This looks fun! I haven't been sledding yet this year, but I do plan to try my hand at skiing on Saturday. I hope the next time you see me I'm in one piece! :-)