Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Friday around lunchtime, we loaded up the van, and were on our way to North Carolina. Normally we stop about halfway at a restaurant to eat. This time I thought we would do something a little different and eat a picnic lunch. you should have heard the shouts of delight when I told the kids what we had planned. Here are the three little travelers at a rest area. After a 9 hour trip, we finally arrived at Leanna's house. Saturday, we all headed to a park nearby to celebrate Josh's high school graduation. Lauren found daisies and picked bunches for all the girls.

We had hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, potato salad (3kinds)baked beans, chips, cake...mmmmm....it was all delicious!

We are SO proud of Josh and his accomplishment!

Josh and Charity....engaged and getting married in November.

The four Lambeth kids.....

We left Sunday evening, and arrived home early Mon morning,. It only took 7 hours to get home. We only had to stop one time on the way home....not bad for traveling with 3 kids!
This might be my last blog for a couple weeks. We are to be getting new carpet all through the house. Although we are excited about that, it will be quite a challenge moving furniture etc. because they plan to do all 3 floors in just 2 days. I'm also painting the living room and dining room before the new carpet comes!YAY! I will try to remember to take before and after pictures...the changes are going to be quite drastic, but I'm really in the mood to do something completely different!. Stay tuned.....

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Caleb's Latest...

Last night, after church, (we are in campmtg.) I was fixing a snack and Caleb and Michael were running around the living room, letting off a little "after church steam", when the laughing turned to crying. Caleb fell down and Michael fell on top of him with most of his weight landing on Caleb's arm. Just in Feb. I made a trip to the ER with Caleb involving his arm. That time it was "Nursemaid's Elbow". (I'd never heard of it before) He was acting the exact same way, holding his arm close to his body and refusing to use it. We immediately went to the ER and for the next 2 hrs. the Dr. tried to figure out exactly what was wrong. After much feeling, wiggling and moving his arm around (with Caleb screaming), they finally decided to do X-rays. They found nothing wrong. But went ahead and put a splint on it just to keep him more comfy when sleeping. It was decided it must just be slightly sprained. As he has gone throughout the day, he seems to be using it a little more and not in quite so much pain.
Sigh........I'll take Legos on the roof anyday.....

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Legos on the roof.....and other happenings

Happiness is.....legos on the roof. In the last 24 hours, Caleb has been on a mission....see how much mischief he can get into! That seems to be the name of the game anyway. It was quiet this afternoon, and here he was, throwing legos onto the roof.

This morning, while I was upstairs getting ready, it was strangely quiet. When I came into the kitchen, I found an ENTIRE box or Life cereal on the floor. I had just opened a box of Maple Brown Sugar flavor,and he didn't like it at all. So I guess he was getting rid of it!

When I found him, he was spraying the wall down with Resolve carpet cleaner. He had also sprayed Resolve all over the cereal. Last night, he got into the Resolve, and had sprayed down the kitchen....table, chairs and puddles of it on the floor. He's such a handful, but I LOVE all his mischief....he keeps us all laughing.

Last week, the Byers hosted a beautiful bridal shower for Vita. She is graduating and leavng soon to head back to the Ukraine. It was a priviledge getting to know her....she always has a smile and is sweet to the core! Our kids LOVED having her babysit.

While at the Byers, Esther shared her hamster with the kids.....SO CUTE! Now we all want a hamster! Yes...I said "we".

Last week, we took advantage of the weather and made a trip to the zoo. Now Caleb asks several times a day to go to the zoo :) If it would ever quit raining, we might just do that!

Of course, the kids were most enthralled with the monkeys. They were very active and got many laughs.

It was quite amazing to watch the mama and baby monkey go swinging from limb to limb. The baby was holding on for dear life....literally!

In a pretend wolf den

The wolves were "fighting" and growling.....probably actually mating season....I'm not sure!

Happiness is....taking my three kids to the zoo. We have such fun out together.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Vera Good Day Out

Here are the damages:
$305. worth of Vera Bradley
I got the Capri Melon Villager, coin purse, large wallet (travel organizer), Hope Toille backpack, two shirts, and a matching Capri Melon purse for Lauren.

It all started with Jenn E. mentioning a trip to Ft. Wayne IN to the annual Vera Bradley sale. Next thing you know, Chris asked off work (both jobs....thanks) and we started bright and early at 7Am. After picking up Lisa R., Leanna P., and Suzanne C., we were on our way. It was a very good thing that Leanna P. brought a GPS, or else we would have followed the boring MapQuest maps and would have missed seeing the cornfields of IN. Now, there's something you should know....two of the gals were pregnant, one takes Lasix, and it was rumored that another might possibly be pregnant as well. Yeah. You guessed it.... a lot of stops. At one gas station/greasy spoon restaurant., the special of the day was "rabbit". I'm telling you, we were in the STICKS! But after miles of brown cornfields,

country churches, (I think this is the famed Smurgley Junction)

MANY, MANY good laughs,

constant picking on Lisa,

the GPS was right.........we found ourselves at the Convention Center in Ft. Wayne.

We chatted with other shoppers.......

made MANY a tough decision,

stuffed pink garbage bags, and then we had to find a space on the floor to sort and sort and sort.

One person seems to have gotten a little overwhelmed with all the shopping

Suzanne carefully studies the product/price list

The big picture. Tables and tables of tempting bags and colors.

Leanna patiently making one of MANY phone calls to friends and family....she was their "designated shopper"

After 3 hours, we made our final selections and were on our way to the check outs. (Notice the area to the left.....ready for the LONG lines)

All in all, it was an extremely fun day! Here's the group with our biggest VERA smiles. Who says money can't buy happiness?? lol! The bags were great deals, but the memories are priceless. Thanks gals, for a fun day out!
(Oh, and by the way, I did NOT pay $305. for all my bags. I paid around 1/4 of that)