Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Catchin' you up on news!

Ok. I'm really here. Contrary to any notions of my being on a "Groban high"....our computor has been "ill". Really. Seriously.
ok ok And I have been floating since the Groban concert...which was, by the way...a VERY GOOD concert. We went, along with my parents, to hear him at the Mellon arena in Pittsburg. Lots of fun.Not only is he a fantastic singer, but the musicians that travel and perform with him are a REAL treat as well. And I'm j/k about the "floating" part. I do tell Chris from time to time 'It seems like a dream that I was actually there". but that's all. Thanks Chris, for buying me the tickets and taking're the best!!
Now for the other news....
Two weeks ago was Lauren's 7th birthday. it kind of turned out to be a week-long celebration. On Tuesday, I was able to meet my friend Rebecca and her 4 beautiful children (3 boys and 1 girl) at Mt. Gilead OH. She happened to be in OH that week, so we met halfway between here and where she was visiting. We met at a lovely State Park they have there. It was a fun day...and there was a picnic, presents for Lauren and I made a big iced cookie for the occasion. They had an incredible "hands-on" Nature Center. The kids got to hold mice, a turtle, handle bones, bugs and many other "delights". And I'm sure that mouse will never quite be the same after Caleb got done throwing the "ball". (see pics)
Wed. was her actual birthday. We opened gifts as a family and then went to Sharon Woods to the indoor Adventure Center they have there. That was her wish.....for " she and Michael and Caleb to play and Mommy and Daddy just sit and talk." We did just that!
Thursday, the Madeira Branch Library was having "Felicity's Tea Party". Girls were encouraged to bring their dolls and learn all about how a tea party was conducted in Felicity's era. Very fun. Mom's and little brother's were allowed to attend as well. The boys mostly enjoyed and treats and Michael liked doing the crafts. Lauren loved ALL of it! It was so fun to see all the girls with their beautiful dolls. There were probably 20 girls in attendance.
Friday night I invited 2 of my aunts for a roast beef dinner. Then I presented her with her "official" birthday cake....was she ever thrilled. I made her a doll cake...using the Pampered Chef mixing bowl. What fun! I just love having a little girl!!! The end result was what I wanted...almost. I bought a doll from the Dollar Tree because I didn't want to invest too much in the cake. However, they ALL have this hideous eye make-up. I did my best to make her pretty, but in the end couldn't get rid of the "over-done eyes". I don;t think Lauren noticed at all. It was lots of fun...she was SOOO excited. And yes...the aunties brought her more presents as well.
And there was one more "late" surprise. I had been planning on getting Lauren an American Girl doll for Christmas, but Daddy surprised us both! Now she is the proud owner of Kirsten. I absolutely LOVE those dolls. Although I'm not a collector of anything, I think I would enjoy collecting these dolls. (If I were rich, or course :) ) They are all so beautiful. I have many plans of making doll clothes and matching outfits....SO FUN!