Friday, November 21, 2008

Buying A Goat

Yes. We are officially buying a goat. No. It's not that Chris is tired of mowing. Actually, this is our home school project. Recently, we received a Christmas Catalog from World Vision. How refreshing amidst all the toy and clothing's seems like we are on EVERYBODY'S list. As I thumbed through, I decided this was a MUST for our to someone in need. We looked through the catalog in class the other day, and after reviewing all the options, we have decided on a goat for $75. A goat can provide milk for a family plus the family can sell surplus milk, cheese, and other things at the market. Our kids are raising money, (with a little help from the teacher and principal) by doing extra chores around the house or by offering to do chores for others. They have also decided they would like us to take some of the "Christmas Present Budget" and put that towards the goat. As I'm typing this, the kids are screaming and jumping for joy....the mother of the boys I babysit, just added $20. So....we are well on our way!! I think our greatest gift this year will be the joy of helping others!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fun Fall Days

What we've been up to lately:

The kids enjoyed their Civic Education Class. j/k We did take them to vote, and then I covered the basics in school once we got home. We also went down to the cafeteria later in the evening and watched the votes come in. I think the kids mostly enjoyed all the noise, pizza and drinks. Although Lauren was really involved in watching the results.....which states were going for which candidate, etc.

Sometimes we pay a visit to Daddy at the office.

Two weekends ago, Kendall & Leanna came for the weekend. They stayed with us and visited the IKEA store. Leanna's first time, and judging by the way she piled up that cart, it surely won't be the last. LOL! (especially when you need that "Fruits of the Spirit" hat, Leanna) inside joke :)

Sunday was a time for pictures:

visits with a darling little boy (Clayton)

good food (if I do say so myself!) and lots of laughs.

The end of last week, we visited the park on our way home from lunch. It was one of those warm, irresistable days that you just HAVE to spend outdoors.

While the boys played,

Lauren enjoyed a book. That's SO typical. It seems we have an AVID reader!

Every Monday, Lauren joins Caroline to homeschool , and I take the boys to Storytime at the library. Although Michael feels like he's too old for such things, he LOVES to join in at craft time. He was rather proud of all the Gingerbread boys he made.

A couple weeks ago, we enjoyed a "day in the country". I have family that lives in Xenia. The kids call it "the Countryside". At any rate, we thoroughly enjoy the quiet and the scenery. My aunts raked dome leaves for the kids....MUCH to their delight.

The purpose of the raking was to throw the leaves at my cousin Darrell. He was attacked nearly as soon as he drove up!

Here they are nearly buried.

They soon realized a leaf bag was the most efficient form of attack!

The boys got haircuts this morning, so when they got out of the tub they wanted me to comb their hair "all spikey". So here they are in the "spikey" hair!