Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Festivities

Finally....I've got one afternoon free to blog a little bit. This Christmas season has really been a busy one, but it's really been fun too! I enjoy all the busy-ness of the Season as long as it doesn't get packed too full! Last week we had a function of some kind to go to every night. This week has been full, but really nothing outside....just full of things we're done together as a family.
I realized after I uploaded all these pictures, that chronologically they are out of order. Sorry!
A week ago Friday night was our Young Adult Ministries party with our church youth group. The Durrs graciously provided babysitting so we were able to enjoy all the food and games without little ones!
Liz C. graciously hosted the party at her aunt's house in Indian Hill. It was a BEAUTIFUL house in a beautiful location!

The evening was full of good food and lots of laughs!

We played a game (not sure of the name ) where you start passing a large present. You keep passing till the music stops than furiously unwrap till the music starts again. If you get a layer opened (there are many layers to the gift) you get to keep whatever you unwrapped. Very fun!

Passing the box.....

Playing "Battle of the Sexes"

Thursday night was the Aldersgate Academy Christmas program. This year since Lauren and Michael are both in Music class, they were both in the choir. Below is a pic of Michael and his
Music Class friend, Kimberly. They always stood side by side like little angels and didn't move!

The kindergarten class provided the Nativity scene in the play.

Lauren and Caroline....very good friends!

Wednesday I took the kids to the Conservatory to try to get some Christmas pictures. Our good friends, Jenn and Katrin joined us there. We didn't get very good pictures, but we had a good time anyway!

Caleb and Katrin hugging.....for now! lol!

The sheep outside at the live Nativity were very close while eating. The kids were very excited! Since we live so close, this has definitely become a tradition! Sometimes we visit the animals several times!
Tuesday night was the annual staff and faculty (GBS) Christmas Party held out at the Higher Ground facilities in IN. It is always decorated VERY beautifully and was very enjoyable.

The highlight of the evening is the kids receiving their presents from President Avery. Caleb was able to walk up this year!
Girls opening their gifts.

Michael with friends, Adam and Alex Kelly.

Best friends.....

On our way home, since the temp was in the 50's, our family decided to enjoy Fountain Square a little bit. It was decorated so pretty and made a great place for some pictures. What I thought was interesting were people's comments about Lauren's hair. From previous pictures maybe you can see that I had braided it in a crown. Several people downtown commented on how beautiful it was and also a couple of the waitresses at Higher Ground. It struck me funny because you see it done so much at church. Maybe not a crown always, but French braids of some sort. I never really thought is was a big deal, but I guess others do.
A nice guy offered to snap a family picture by the skating rink.

Visiting a horse from the carriage rides downtown.

Looking in the store window.....I thought it made a neat pose.

Although I don't have pictures, crammed into last week was the Annual Christmas Walk-through here at GBS. The Staff and Faculty open their homes to the students for Christmas treats and drinks, etc. The dorms are also open as well. I'm not sure how many students and other staff and faculty friends we had in our house that evening, but I went through over 60 disposable cups....so I'm guessing it was around 60. The kids were thrilled!
We have since visited the Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo, the Creation Museum (again), and went to the library to see the "Art Reach Theatre Co. of Cincinnati" production of the "Christmas Carol. We have visited with friends this week, and Wed night we enjoyed helping our Young Adult Ministry wrap and deliver Christmas presents to "Angel Tree" recipients.
We kicked off this week of events by singing in the cantata at our church. The title was "Mary Did You Know?" directed by Kristen Foster (who does an awesome job!). I hope the audience enjoyed hearing it as much as we did preparing and performing it!
After typing all this, I've realized just how busy we've been, but also how much fun we've had. Last year I was really struggling (with being sick) to celebrate the holidays. I didn't feel like doing ANYTHING. So this year I've kind of celebrated with a vengeance!!! I'm so thrilled to be enjoying this all with my family....that alone would be Christmas enough! Hope you all are enjoying the Season as well!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Time Is Here !

After the program Saturday night.....
The Music Division........

Shepherds: Nathaniel Davison, Brandon Klotz, Lucas Ryder, Andrew Dahler,
Joseph and Mary/ Dwight Habecker, Heather Frazier Baby Jesus/ Hannah Deuel