Thursday, November 30, 2006

Homeschool fieldtrips

Ok I admit it....we go a little overboard on our field trips. When you live in the city, there's always somewhere to go or something to do. Although the field trips are not in place of their regular schoolwork, we do go on a lot of outings in order to meet our daily requirement of hours. A couple days ago, we picked up Lauren's friend, Caroline Crater, and went to feed the ducks at Eden Park. There are at least a hundred ducks, all quacking and snapping at each other to get my"old bread". With the temp being in the upper 60's, it made our outing very enjoyable. Caleb very much enjoyed all the quacking and splashing of the ducks. Yesterday, we went to Newport Library to see a production of "The Gift of the Magi". In case you don't recall, it's the story of the husband and wife who want to get something extra special for each other. So, she sells her hair to buy him an expensive watch chain and he sells his watch to buy pretty hair combs to put up in her hair. It was put on by the "Artworks" , a division of the "Children's Theatre" here in the city. The actors were very good. The kids enjoyed it, except Lauren couldn't understand why she just didn't call her husband to be sure he had his watch before she cut off all her lovely hair. Well, I was trying to figure out the same thing :)

Cincinnati Children's Theatre performing

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sunday Pictures

Dressed up for church….Lauren and Mommy

Daddy and the boys

Which one of the boys is cuter?….I try to decide that everyday!

They are ALL a joy to raise….I enjoy them immensely!


We had a lovely Thanksgiving with Chris’s family. Kendall and Leanna came from North Carolina and brought Josh and his girlfriend, Charity Wetherald. Craig and Tonya came all the way from Ringold St.! Pictured are all the "ladies". (L to R Tonya, Leanna, Lauren, me and Charity) We would like to have a picture of the guys as well, but nothing could seem to move them from the couch to the front of the Christmas tree. We even tried bribing them with Christmas presents…we said something like "If you don’t get your picture taken, you can’t open your Christmas presents". The only male that believed us was Michael, and so we all have a cute picture of him posing in front of the tree! We also celebrated Christmas Friday night. Here’s Caleb enjoying his very first Christmas present. He enjoyed banging on the paper and making a crinkling sound. It was rather strange to be opening presents with the weather in the 60's. However, we have been enjoying these beautiful days and it made "black Friday" a very enjoyable shopping trip.

Homeless @ Circuit City

Have you wanted the new Sony Playstation 3? Well, these people at Circuit City in Oakley REALLY wanted it…..they were waiting for over 40 hours by the door. Just had to share this pic of crazies!

Turkey Apples

Hi! This is my very first time to blog. Thanks for dropping by…..
The kids made these cute little edible turkeys at Storyhour at a local library. We have an awesome story teller named Miss Joan. We have been going to her storytimes for at least two years now. She has awesome craft ideas and we all love her. This is simply made from fruit loops, a gummy worm, an apple, some marshmallows and toothpicks. They were both proud of their creations, which of course didn’t last long!