Wednesday, November 29, 2006


We had a lovely Thanksgiving with Chris’s family. Kendall and Leanna came from North Carolina and brought Josh and his girlfriend, Charity Wetherald. Craig and Tonya came all the way from Ringold St.! Pictured are all the "ladies". (L to R Tonya, Leanna, Lauren, me and Charity) We would like to have a picture of the guys as well, but nothing could seem to move them from the couch to the front of the Christmas tree. We even tried bribing them with Christmas presents…we said something like "If you don’t get your picture taken, you can’t open your Christmas presents". The only male that believed us was Michael, and so we all have a cute picture of him posing in front of the tree! We also celebrated Christmas Friday night. Here’s Caleb enjoying his very first Christmas present. He enjoyed banging on the paper and making a crinkling sound. It was rather strange to be opening presents with the weather in the 60's. However, we have been enjoying these beautiful days and it made "black Friday" a very enjoyable shopping trip.

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Anonymous said...

We had a great Thanksgiving! I think Michael deserves an extra present for being so cooperative:)