Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Busy Happy New Year

Two days into the New Year and we're busier than ever...makes me wonder what this year is
going to be like. New Years Eve, we had two batches of company. For Sunday dinner, Chris had invited Jon Bart (sorry....that's one name I'm NOT trying to spell). We all enjoyed getting to know our neighbor a little bit better. Sunday Evening, we had Craig and Tonya for an after church snack. We had a great time visiting and before you know it, the New Year had arrived! Caleb went to bed earlier, but Lauren and Michael stayed up with us till 1:00. Next morning, while everyone slept in, I got up and took advantage of the great after-Christmas bargains at Target...everything was 75% off.
I even came home with a new pre-lit tree, much to my husband's dismay!
In the evening, we all went to Eden Park to see the Nativity, complete with live animals. Michael wondered if the people were real....they look so real. They have been putting out the manger scene since the 1940"s. We always enjoy seeing the animals and it's so close by.

Today I have gotten some pictures hung----finally. The family picture was what I originally told Chris I wanted for Christmas. It was taken by Brenda (Herring Photography) at Eden Park.
Before I sign off for the day, let me tell you about my new blog features for the New Year.

  1. Mondays will be Memory Day. It will feature pictures of past events.
  2. Saturday will be Kids Blog Day, Lauren and Michael will be taking the pictures and telling me what to type (they are VERY excited about this new feature!!!
  3. I will do a book review once a month and
  4. a CD review once a month.
    SO, A very Happy New Year to all !!!!!!

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Leanna said...

Happy New Year! I agree with you that this year is starting out VERY busy. :)You know what I'm talking about. I really like that family picture.