Tuesday, January 16, 2007

HHGregg + four days of rain =

= loads of fun! I was beginning to tire of the Mayerson cleanup every night, so I decided we would try a new dimension of fun. After quite a few calls to appliance stores for a couple days, we finally found some boxes and a helpful warehouse boy that even helped me wrestle them into the van. The best part is that it only cost us the gas $ to get there. So when the kids tire of their houses, I won't feel a bit bad leaving them on our curb for the garbage truck! They each have a door, two windows and a mail slot. Although I spent a little time cutting the doors etc, I've actually spent more time writing letters for them to drop into their mail slots. For some reason, I have to be the mail lady too! Oh well, rainy days are good for something!


Brenda said...

Neat idea, Nancy! Looks like the kids love it!

Carrie said...

Ah. Nothing could entertain kids longer than a big box!