Saturday, January 20, 2007

He got a jump on April 15th!

While I was shopping today, Chris was feverishly working on getting the taxes filed. By the time I arrived back home, here he was...a very happy camper. I convinced him to let me take a picture since I'm sure you all get tired of seeing the rest of us all the time! Thank you, Mr. President, for the child tax credit increase. It went up significantly since he took office.

Old tax credit

New tax credit


Brenda said...

Wow - I envy Chris. You have very cute tax credits!

Carrie said...

Yeah for you!! I'll bet the day that check comes, you'll be even happier!

Martha C said...

Congratualations, Chris! I never understood why anyone would wait until April to do their taxes. Have fun with your well deserved credit! :-)

Dorcas said...

Isn't that tax credit a wonderful thing? It was a life saver last year! Congrats on getting your taxes done already!