Sunday, January 7, 2007

Christmas Celebration #3

We enjoyed a weekend stuffed FULL of fun. My parents were here from Northeast Ohio, along with my "adopted" brother Wilfrid (he oversees an orphanage in Haiti). Instead of being a good, hardworking hostess, I suggested we all go out to Ryans! (seemed like a good plan to me; then no one complains about the food!) We all ate and ate and ate and....well, you get the idea!
Saturday evening, we finally got to open presents. Among lots of great gifts, Michael got a real guitar from my Dad. He was thrilled and has been trying to play it ever since.

For Sunday dinner, I also invited Heather Christner and her boyfriend, Eric Stanberry. In the picture, Eric is teaching us "Chinese spoons". We had a blast visiting and talking...we laughed till our sides hurt....that's typically what happens when you put Heather and I in the same room. We share a bit too much history!!!! :)
Is there anything better than spending time with friends and family?

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