Saturday, January 6, 2007

Meet the Mayerysons

Lauren would like you all to meet the Mayeryson family. This name and all the characters were invented by she and Michael. Michael will not play with dolls, but he will play pretend with Lauren and the animals, so this is their common ground. There are 32 in all. This particular picture is as follows: (L-R) Squeaker Beaker, Korty, Jeffrey, Adviral, (someone mispronounces admiral!) and Rainbow. They wre all arranged for the photo session by Lauren: complete with a Lego lamp for decor. The largest two animals are the mother and father. None of the kids in this family are married. However, some of the other animals are married, so there are in-laws, grandmas and grandpas, etc....
Michael would like you to meet the Mayerysons family: his animals branch of the family tree. The picture is as follows...(L-R) Pooh, Tommy,Tigger, Eyeore,and Butterfly. The mother and Father are Eyeore and Tommy. All props were arranged by Michael. Picture was taken by Michael as well. Eyeore and Tommy had three babies...and yes, part of the imaginative play includes trips to the hospital to deliver babies. Then the whole lot of the Mayeryson family always come up to visit the new baby in the hospital. In spite of all the $ that was spent on Christmas presents for them, most of the presents are abandoned because they love playing "Mayerysons" from after school till bedtime.

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Brenda said...

I loved this post - very cute of Lauren and Micheal to do this.