Saturday, January 13, 2007

Kids blog again

After much debate, and Mommy trying to convince them otherwise, both Lauren and Michael wanted to introduce you to more members of their family. (this really is all they play most of the time)The top picture was taken by Lauren. This is a "nursery" that she fixed for the babies of the Mayorson family. (LtoR) Maxi, Squeaker Beaker,Jeffrey,Rainbow, Butterfly and Pooh, (front Row) twins Orange and Blossom, and Ashley. Lauren had no comments to make at this time.

The big white bear Sephanie is holding BlueBeary. The big brown bear in the back, Corderoy, is holding Leanna and Sarah. Photo arranged and taken by Michael. Corderoy and Stephanie had a new pair of twins. Their names are Sarah and Bluebeary. Leanna likes her new twin sisters. Stephanie and Corderoy only have had girls so far. No boys.
By next Saturday, perhaps I can get them convinced to share with you some other aspect of their lives.

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