Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Creation Museum Opens

We're very proud to be right across the
river from the Creation Museum that just opened
this past week. Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis have built this
$27 million dollar facility over several years. We walked through
once when it was still under construction, but
now are very anxious to see it since it's open to the public.

The opening of the museum, has gotten quite a bit of media coverage.
Both here in our area, and national attention as well.
You can read more about it by clicking on this link. Also,
I'm including a link that was emailed to me.

It shows a little
of the coverage it's been getting and also some
of the dinosaurs. While watching this little
clip, Michael kept asking me if the dinosaurs were really real.


Monte & Amy said...

ok is the guy in the picture real ??? lol he looks really old.
Looks like you all had lots of fun.

Kendall & Leanna said...

I would love to go to it next time we're up there. I saw some of the coverage yesterday and they were saying that it shouldn't be considered as educational or something like that. Very frustrating to hear those liberals. :) I'm glad that it's open.

~Heather~ said...

Thanks Nancy for your nice comments. The reason people felt sorry for me, was cause they DID NOT KNOW that Phillip as an artist and could not imagine him drawing a portrait good enough to be an engagement gift! But after they saw it, they didn't feel sorry for me anymore!

Love, Heather =)
That is neat about that Creation Musuem, maybe we can go sometime when we are back! =)

Charity said...

I've heard about it! I hope we get to visit sometime. The clip was interesting... you would think the museum is confusing young children! Isn't it terrible that students shouldn't hear any other view than evolution? and yet, if the positions were reversed, we would be considered SOO closed minded.

Angie Davis said...

We're dying to come see the museum. Connor is such a fan of dinosaurs that we're anxious to have them explained from a more appropriate perspective. We had planned to visit there next weekend, but with gas prices so high, it'll probably have to wait.

Nancy said...

Hey Angie, you BETTER let me know when you'll be coming! Afterwards,we could meet up over a Cincinnati favorite, like Skyline or Graeters and get to know each other a bit better! :) Actually, we're really curious to meet the two little live wires that give you SO much blogging material! Or that other blogger in your house.... lol

Nancy said...

Oh BTW Angie, maybe you can check for the authenticity of their displays. If they really and truly are realistic, and "cutting-edge" like they say, then I'm sure they will have remembered to include dinosaur "waste" that so elegantly topped your latest birthday cake! :)I'm still chuckling over that one. I doubt many Moms could serve that one up so graciously!

Jana said...

I have been hearing about this place and am anxious to visit. My brother, Jeff, called me just last week and thinks I need to bring the kids up so we can see it. Sounds very interesting!! I'm waiting to see what kind of opposition it will be facing.

Les said...

I can't wait to go to the museum!!! With only having boys, dinosaurs and those sort of things are big on their lists. We have already had many talks about creation vs. evolution since we are in a public school system. We should all take a mom's day there too!

JenMom said...

I just read your comment on my blog re: you PPCM and EF. Wow! I had a 10-15% Ef in the early days, but am at 50 now. I am so thrilled you are able to take care of your children. I was so weak in those early days I cannot imagine. Are you on Coreg, Altace, etc?

Martha C said...

Listen to all of you right-wing wackos! Ha. JK! :-)
(I have been following the stories with the online paper.)
I can't wait to go there. My neighbors, the Russos, are planning an OH trip just to visit the museum. I have a feeling they will beat me to it.

Kelly S said...

I can't wait to see this! I think I'll wait a while though until the crowd slows down.