Saturday, May 12, 2007

Early Mother's day...

I've already had a bit of Mother's Day celebrating today. Since
my Mom was here, she offered to watch the kids so Chris and I
could go out to eat this morning. (Thanks, Mom) I hadn't had
Cracker Barrel breakfast for a long time! Then this afternoon,
the kids went shopping with Chris and gave me these flowers
as soon as they got home....they would've been a little hard to hide!
I was wanting some flowers for my flower box out front, so
I was a happy mama!

Around lunch today, my Mom left. She was here for a few
days helping me get caught up on my housework. She's a
hard worker and always manages to get lots done and make me feel better!
My basement got cleaned, the laundry done, ironing mostly done...
you get the picture. Since I've been sick and needed more help,
my mom has really been there for me. I wonder if there's ever
really a time when we no longer need our mothers. I think we always need
the love and advice only they can give...they know us like no one else....
I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow!


Angie Davis said...

Have a great Mother's Day!

~Heather~ said...

Hey Nancy, of course I remember you! Thanks for signing my blog, it was fun hearing from you! Glad you had a "Early Mother's Day" today. The lunch out with your husband, and the flowers sounded nice. YES, YOU ARE SOOO RIGHT...I don't think I'll EVER get to the point where I'll not need my Moma! =) Sorry you have had such a rough time physically after the birth of your last baby...but Glad that your Mom can come and help you some.
Love, Heather =)

Kendall & Leanna said...

Those flowers are so pretty. I must have interrupted the "gift giving" when I called Saturday. oops :)