Saturday, May 19, 2007

Weekly news.......

This week has been a full one...not terribly crazy, but busy. I've
had considerably more energy this week, so I just decided to
make good use of it and try not to spend much time here at the computer.
The above picture, was a "surprise" from the kids. They had
been quite a "challenge" during a shopping trip earlier in the day,
so they came down after supper with a "cake" (made from assorted
candies), a "pitcher" of water, a drinking cup, and a shoe box full of
presents. The presents were pictures they had drawn and letters
Lauren had written. They were wrapped up in tissues, and secured
with pony tail holders.
It was all so sweet, but I have to admit, I did have a difficult
time drinking the water from the stacking cup! Had to turn my mind
off to get that down!! They insisted
they had washed it in the upstairs bathroom with hand soap.....hhmmm
Well, truth is, I'm still here. I guess the soap IS anti-bacterial!! :)

I bought flower pots and got my Mother's Day flowers planted.

Even my flower box is done.

Friday afternoon, I picked up my sewing machine from getting it serviced. By
Fri. night, I had made a set of PJ's for Lauren, out of some fabric
from my m-i-l. I spent about 2 1/2 hrs. on them and had lots
of fun. So, I may not be back for a visit for a while...I"m halfway done
with a dress for Lauren, and have a stack of things I
want to do yet. I guess you
could say, it's my new addiction. Chris is not's keeping me out of the stores!!!!
I'll post finished products as I get them done! Have a great weekend!


Kendall & Leanna said...

Those pjs are cute. I'm glad you were able to use the fabric. Now I'm ready to put in the order for those skirts. =)

Regi said...

Anytime you want to quilt with me, just let me know!

Les said...

How I wish I could sew! I can't sew a button on! The pj's are cute!

Aaron & Lanee said...

Very cute PJ's! I need to get my sewing machine in the shop too, then maybe I could attempt some things. Still teaching myself, definitely not up to your standards.