Friday, May 4, 2007

Get a blog, Rebecca :)

Jeff and Rebecca Paulus, Jeffrey,
Austin and Anthony,
and Kaitlyn Ruth

With Chris and Michael on their way to a graduation
in North Carolina, (congrats to Leanna), I thought this evening would
be a lovely time to blog. NOT...the camera and memory card are both gone with them.
So, Plan pictures of other people! haha
Actually, there's method to my madness. I've been begging
my friend Rebecca to start her own blog. She has quite an interesting life
in PA with three boys, two of which are twins, and now a
darling little girl...I really want her to start blogging.
Her reason for not blogging yet? Well, she mumbles something about not being sure she can figure it all out. However, I happen to know, her sister in law has offered
to walk her through the whole process. So, what's the real
reason??? "Yeah, Rebecca, what's the REAL reason?"
After this blog, you better come up with a good one! haha :)
Just so every one knows, Rebecca is one of my oldest friends. And not just
in years.....haha (I'm really being mean, aren't I) She and I
were friends all through teen years, braces, vacations, etc, etc.
We were both in each other's weddings, and even though she has
now been in PA for 15 years, we have managed to call each other
and stay in touch quite frequently. So, I think a blog
would help us stay better in touch with each others' lives and
kids....what do you all think??? Leave a comment and hopefully, she
won't be able to turn us down!
And hopefully, after reading all this, she's still my friend!! :)


Carrie said...

I'm not sure, Nancy, she hasn't answered you yet....

Rebecca said...

Oh, Nancy you are so funny!! Of course we are STILL friends!! Old friends are like wine and cheese. They get better with age!! Not that I know about wine! Smile! Maybe your website will finally let me leave a message.... You can see how often I open my laptop!! I'm SLOWLY learning how to use this computer... That is so neat about your sister-law.

Nancy said...

Rebecca, you are to congratulated! You have now figured out how to leave comments....see?? one of these days you will start a blog..hehehe Anyway, glad to know you are reading!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that Rebecca's children are almost as sweet as Nancy's 3~~~~~ She's a special person and so are her Mom & Dad Burcaw!
Nancy's Mom