Friday, May 11, 2007

The tale of the tooth fairy

One of the "fringe benefits" of being a Mom is playing tooth fairy.
As a child, losing teeth was always a traumatic event for me, but the
tooth fairy (mainly the $) seemed
to make it much better. Since this is Lauren's 12th tooth, I feel
like a pro....haha. Lauren cannot stand loose teeth and
when they get to a certain point, she begs Chris to go ahead and
pull them out so she can eat. Every so often, we have
to visit Dr. Lambeth's office, up at the Ad. building,
and get the bothersome tooth pulled out. Such was the case this week.
Afterward, she decided the tooth needed a little cleaning, so up to the
bathroom sink she went and then I heard
awful wailing....she had lost the tooth down the drain
and she was just sure the tooth fairy wouldn't visit her. I assured her
if she would just write her a letter, maybe the tooth fairy would
understand her dilemma. The above letter was what I came
across as I was leaving the coins for her.
I know Leanna (Englund) will especially get a kick out of it. it
seems she takes after her wasted words!

Lauren just out of bed, ran down to my bed to show me her
letter and money from the tooth fairy. She's beginning to "question" the
whole tooth fairy thing, but I'm reluctant to tell just yet, because I
don't want to spoil the fun for Michael. She has a hunch that it
all works the same as the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus!


Joel & Becky said...

Congratulations, Lauren! 12 teeth! WOW! It seems like just yesterday that you were cutting those baby teeth. You are growing way to fast!


Stephanie said...

Wow - you're lucky. My boys love to "spoil" the surprise for Kaitlynn! Hey, I was wondering how long it took you all to get to Liberty for Chris's graduation. We are to go next weekend for the graduation of one of my co-workers, and I'm trying to get a ballpark idea. Thanks!

Kendall & Leanna said...

That is too funny! Lauren is so dramatic. I can just hear her. :)

Nancy said...

Stephanie, I'm afraid I can't be much help as far as the driving time to Lynchburg, Va. You might want to try Map Quest or a website like that. It seems like it took us between 6 - 7 hrs. But we took longer because Caleb was only 3 weeks there were several nursing breaks! It is a lovely town and campus...can't wait to hear how it all goes. Have a nice weekend!

Jana said...

That is too funny, very cute!!

Kelsey and Khara were having a little "physical action" when one of Khara's teeth got kicked out by Kelsey, never to be see again...The $ was under her pillow the next morn. as well. :-)

dorcas said...

Blake is cutting some more teeth and it just drives me crazy to think of all the pain, tears, and sleepless nights of getting those teeth only for them to come out and start the process all over again.

Brenda said...

Too funny! I love the letter. :-)

Aaron & Lanee said...

That is sooo funny! LOVE the letter.