Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The tale of the Lambeth's sad tree

It's still 3 weeks till Christmas and my tree is already looking quite sad. It is too painful to my pride to post pictures of it on my blog, but I can sort of fill you in on the details. I had my tree up nice and early....two weeks before Thanksgiving. It was resplendant in chrystal and glass ornaments, gold and red ornaments, gold ribbon cascading down the sides and red and white lights. I guess you can refer to Thanksgiving photos to refresh your memory. Anyway, SOMEHOW, our tree has deteriorated so much that I have threatened to take everything off and start over! Now, why is our tree in such a disheveled state? Well, it has something to do with stray balls, balloons and various other toys "accidently" sailing into the tree, knocking ornaments off. Now, my ornaments are for the most part, cheap ones AND we have carpet. If they do get broken, I really don't care. However, in attempt to cover up these "accidents", the kids quickly put the ornament back on the tree, but it never ends up in its original spot. So, I have two red balls on one branch, or three white balls within inches of each other and other tacky arrangements. Somehow, a whole string of lights is lying on the floor under one branch. I think that is thanks to Caleb. He was "creeping" about the time I put the tree up and now, as of today, he is all and out crawling. He has been very good about the tree overall, but once in a while he can't resist trying to try to munch an ornament, or a light bulb or two. Other than the safety issue,I don't really care.....Christmas trees are made to be enjoyed by all. HOWEVER, this IS another factor contributing to my really sad tree. Will I redecorate it all? I will keep you posted. (no pun intended) It will depend on my energy level.....Although I enjoy a pretty tree, it's not an obsession and as long as Chris and kids don't care (and they don't) who else will see it?(remember, I won't let all of you see it in pictures :) I had to include pictures of my " little tree destroyer" caught in the act.......also a few extra because he's just TOO cute!. (in the pictues of Caleb and the ornament, notice the string of lights on the floor!)


Martha C said...

That is too funny, Nancy! :-) I am having issues with my paper stars. They keep "falling" because of the wind created by two lively boys who love to dash through the living room.

The Burley Bunch said...

I can identify with you there!! We faced that with Kaden the first few days. Like you said, happy children are more important than a beautiful tree. Caleb is such a cute little guy. I think he really looks like Lauren. So sweet!!


Carrie said...

You know, for the most part, I can keep the boys out of the tree. It's the cat I'm having issues with! :o