Saturday, December 9, 2006

#8 on my list of favorite things......

Sharon Woods drive- through light display
The kids visited Santa in the Nature Center

Michael wanted a firetruck, a trumpet and a Lauren wants a new dress and a sled
dump truck for Caleb

They even had a
dulcimer player
and a crawl through tunnel in the nature center.
They also had an interactive model train display. Initially, I thought the $9. per car charge was a little expensive, but once we got through the light display and went into the nature center, we decided it was worth our money. They also have a HUGE indoor play area called Adventure Station that was free to all kids that night too. Normally, they charge $2.50 each. It was a two-story play area, complete with a Wild West town on the second level. There was a saddle shop, feed store, a jail, a horse and buggy and much more they could play on. We also took in part of a puppet show as well. The kids had been begging to see Santa, but had not gotten a chance to yet. So after we got in the van, Lauren heaved a big sigh and said, "Well, I'm glad we got THAT over with. Now he knows what it is that I want!" I thought we had pretty well established the fast that Santa is just pretend....but I guess it is still healthy for a child's imagination to let them dream and anticipate his arrival Christmas Eve night!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you finally took them to see Santa =) Love the pictures!