Monday, December 18, 2006

I'm back............

After not posting for about a week, I guess it's time I get everyone caught up on all the latest events! Tuesday night was the walk-through at GBS. This time instead of having visitors, we visited and had so much fun. We went through the boys dorm, the girls dorm and then 6 staff and faculty houses. By the time all was said and done, we were STUFFED and the kids had a huge candy collection.

Thursday night, Lauren was in the Academy Christmas program. They were all in costume and all the kids did a great job.

Friday afternoon we had a cookie exchange at GBS. (sorry..forgot the camera) About 15 participated and we ended up with a nice assortment of different cookies.

Saturday morning I took the kids to program practice and a Christmas party at church.
Saturday night was GIRLS NIGHT OUT! I had mentioned to Chris months ago that this year I really wanted to take Lauren to the Nutcracker Ballet. So when I was in the hospital in Sept. Chris came in with an envelope with two tickets to the Nutcracker. He said that he was giving me something to get better for.....I HAD to get better. Finally, the long-awaited night came. So Lauren and I got dressed up in Christmas sweaters and black skirts and the guys dropped us off at Music Hall. What a night! We had a blast. Every Mommy should get to have a little girl! Chris had gotten us really good seats in the center section. After the show, the guys were back to pick us up.

Sunday morning, was the church Christmas Program. Lauren had to sing a solo. She kept saying all along she wasn't scared. That's hard for me to believe since I was TERRIFIED of singing in public when I was a kid. (still am :) ) She did a great job and wasn't the least bit scared. And she even sang on pitch...which was a big deal to her Music-Major Mommy! She told me she was about to laugh when she was singing because she thought it was so funny. I'm not sure where she gets that! I have many horrible memories of Christmas programs when I was a kid....I'll probably have to go through group therapy one of these days because of the awful, embarassing programs I had to endure as a kid. :)

Sunday night was a Christmas snack in our fellowship hall. Those are always events filled with many types of fattening foods and desserts. A great time once we FINALLY got to eat the food! What fun is a Christmas party without singing a few TOO many Christmas carols?! LOL

I think now our Christmas events are mostly over, so I'm going to go grab a cup of Swiss Miss Marshmallow-Lovers hot chocolate, and sit back and enjoy the fireplace.....and the 24hr. Christmas music and ponder this one persisting question I have.....who really IS "the Little Saint Nick"?


Martha C said...

GBS at Christmas~ what a fun, busy time. I have been thinking of you and wondering how busy you were!

Anonymous said...

I love being able to see what all you guys are up to. I hope you taped Lauren's song. I would love to hear it.

Nancy said...

Leanna, we should be getting a DVD of it from church...I'll keep you might just appear on this blog....who knows!

Carrie said...

To be quite honest, I'm hoping to subject my boys to The Nutcracker next year! I think it's time they learned a little fine art appreciation!

Aaron & Lanee said...

Way to go Lauren! I'm glad you didn't get scared. Soon you'll be an old pro.
Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! Lanee'