Friday, December 22, 2006

Look who's 8 months!!!

8 months old and ready to play!

I'm a couple days behind schedule, but Caleb turned 8 months old on Wed. Where in the world has the time gone?? He is just the JOY of all our lives. His personality is pure sunshine. His latest loves are: crawling, getting into the cupboards, getting into the computer equipment, and chewing on any shoes he can find on the shoe mat! Accomplishments include: saying "Yay!" (only it's more like aaaa!) and clapping his hands, clapping hands and bouncing up and down anytime he hears music, says dada, and nana (we're on a first name basis!), giving slobbery kisses anytime you ask, walking pushing his walker toy, and standing alone for 10-15 seconds. He also likes to come and find us if we disappear behind a door. As you can see, he doesn't want to be a baby, much to my dismay.

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