Monday, December 18, 2006

Playing Christmas.....

Lauren and Michael have a huge collection of "kids". Their "kids" consist of beanie babies, happy meal stuffed animals and other orphans collected here and there. They have 30 in all and they are grouped by "families". Some of their names are: princess, cupcake pretty kitty, squeaker beaker, Courderoy, Leanna, baby Grace and on and on. Anyway, one of thier activities with their animals, include acting out events that have just happened. Only in a slightly more hiarious fashion. Recently they have totally reenacted Lauren's academy Christmas program. Most of the animals were in costume.

Another event that was acted out, was sitting on Santa's lap. This time, Caleb was the baby, Lauren the Mommy, and Michael was Santa. It was very amusing! Michael trying to say Ho HO HO in a deep voice, and asking Caleb had he been good all year. "Mommy" (Lauren) explained that he had since April. Then Santa gave Caleb a candy cane and Caleb WAS thrilled. He thought that was a great game.

They also enjoy telling and retelling the Christmas story using a few manger scene pieces and then an assortment of Fisher Price animals.

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Brenda said...

I haven't seen a manger scene quite like this one before, but I love it!