Saturday, July 30, 2011

Making Cotton Candy

Last week our neighbors came over and invited us to their house to make cotton candy. Someone that was staying with them, had brought along his cotton candy machine and thought we might enjoy helping to make some. Why, absolutely!!
If you look carefully, you can see the center is full of a pink powdery substance. He had poured maybe 1 cup of the pink powder in the middle and turned on the machine.

Within a couple minutes, we could see the beginnings of the "cotton' around the edges.

A minute later, there was enough to wrap around a paper cone. Here, Becky is wrapping th cone in the cotton. you just twirl the cone a couple times and lift up...and....

you've got a big chunk of cotton candy. Wait a minute or so and you're ready to do it again!

Caleb had never even tried cotton candy before.

Lauren was able to do her own!

Karissa wrapping it on the paper cone...

Summer. fun....sitting in the porch swing eating cotton candy:)

And then...the crazy pose:)

Thanks to our neighbors next door for all the fun!!


Charity said...

That looks like fun! So really, there isn't a whole LOT of sugar in cotton candy, right? I'll take some! :)

Stephanie said...

Even though I'm not crazy about the cotton candy, I'm pretty sure I'd be voted "Coolest Mom on the Block" if I had one of these! Awesome!

Brenda said...

Looks so good! A machine around our house would certainly be in use!!