Friday, July 8, 2011

Chick-Fil-A Night

So, tonight at Chick-Fil-A, if you dressed like a cow

you got a free entree. Guess who could NOT resist

a deal like that?!? Chris, of course...haha Anyway,

costume design was done by Michael and I. Yep. We looked

crazy, but we had LOTS of fun and we made the

Houston Rd. Chick-Fil-A FB page!

Michael enjoying his chicken nuggets:)

Lauren loves their chicken salad sandwich
(we don't know where she gets

Caleb enjoying his nuggets. What a fun night!!

We might just try that again sometime!!


Jana said...

I LOVE it!!!! hahah Cute, Cute costumes!!! Can't beat free food!!:-)

Carrie said...

Great look for you guys! :) Glad you're back to blogging!

Brenda said...

Awesome - everybody turned out great! And who doesn't love free food! Clayton saw the picture and said, "Aw - they're adorable!" :-)

Charity said...

What fun!! (and glad to see you back blogging!) :)

Katrin Elisabeth said...

Aw fun! You guys made a cute "cow" family! :-)

Nancy said...

Thankyou all for your comments. It's great to be back in bloggerville!

~Regina~ said...

Love your creative costumes! Sounds like a fun family night.:)