Monday, July 18, 2011

Saturday's Treasures

I thoroughly enjoy looking at other's blogs and getting decorating ideas. I will admit,
I'm not very original, but I do enjoy trying to make our house look more homey and inviting.
Most of all, when I view other decorating blogs, I often feel very inspired and think "I could do that too"! So my hope is, I can pass on that same positive feeling on to you. My house looks VERY lived in most of the time. I want it to feel like a HOME to my kids...not a place where they aren't allowed to touch anything or have fun. So with that in mind, from time to time I will try to post changes as I make them. And at least I'll have fun reading back through my posts, appreciating the difference whether you do or not:) And also, maybe my husband will also see what I do all day...haha. This is the little "foyer"(yeah..right) area when you just step in the door. I was pretty happy with this look, but still wanted to soften it a little. I priced some Smith and Hawken wreaths at Target, but after looking at the price decided I would be ok with just a plain mirror. my surprise, I found one at a yard sale for just a dollar that was nearly the same as the one they had at Target. Yep...I was happy. And it softened the mirror so now it feels a little warmer when you walk in! this typewriter caught my eye,(my husband still does not get that)I mulled it over for about 4 hours...realized I could NOT live without it...went back and got it for $2 less then they wanted earlier. So for $8, I bought a whole lot of happy! lol The kids think it's really cool because it still works...that is after we get some ink ribbon for it. Lauren is very anxious to play "Kit"...haha. Who would have thought adding to my decor would make me happy AND provide the kids with something they can play with!! Win, win!

I could not believe someone was willing to part with these adorable pop bottle crates!! I nearly squeeled with glee....(except that would have embarassed Lauren, my yard sale pal, so I kept it all in ) Are they not SOOOO cute?!?! I got one from Coke, RC Cola, and 7-UP. It's really cool that the insides still have rings showing from where the pop bottles once were stored. Oh..the possibilities:) And only $2 a piece made me very happy!

And just for my Mom, this is the unique toy box I found for $2. I thought it looked way more living-roomish than our other plain red one. The kids were just happy to have a new hiding place...whatever:)

Well, I better run. (can ya keep a secret?) I'm working on a VERY cool treasure hunt for Lauren's birthday next week. And yes..I will post pics and details AFTER the grand event, of course:)


Leah said...

Love the changes and new treasures you've found! It's so fun to create updated spaces throughout our homes...espcially on the cheap! :)

Brenda said...

Love those pop crates - really cute!

Stephanie said...

Great stuff! I think you would like the blog of one of my friends from church. It is