Sunday, July 10, 2011

~Bargain Hunting~

This Saturday, I was thrilled to get the chance to go to yard sales. We started out in

Highland Heights where there was to have been a subdivision full of sales.

They turned out very dissapointing. I did, however, manage to find this

adorable shelf! I was thrilled to discover it had been found in

an old barn. The people I bought it from had it painted white. It looks

great in my kitchen area. But I'm not sure exactly what I want to do with it.

So many possibilites!! Its a little over 2 ft long. And pardon the

current decorations. I randomly ran through the house last night after hanging it,

looking for any objects to put on it. As

you can see, I didn't find much...haha.

The "Antiques" sign may stay...the other things...probably not??

Best part? This cost me $5!! I was pretty happy!!

After wasting/spending time in Highland Heights, I decided

to try going to the sales in Newport in the Historic
District. Wish I would have gone there first. Lots of antiques and treasures
were waiting to be discovered. Among them, was this old sled.
I have been DYING for an old sled to use at Christmastime, and
was almost afraid to look at the price. There wasn't one, actually.
The lady just old me "oh...I guess it's 4 bucks" My mouth just about
dropped open. Before I could get my money out, she had
changed it to $3. I have so many places to use this, I may have
to change it's location about 10 times
during the Christmas! And yes, I'm more than
a little anxious to start decorating for Christmas. I also bought
2 Christmas trees was 50 cents!

My last treasure, was this little wooden table. I'm not even sure
where I will use it, but it seemed too cute to leave behind.
The wood is fairly heavy and it's made very sturdy. I'm thinking about all the colors I could spray paint it...(though not all at Ideas?? Oh...and it only
cost $2! See why I could not leave it behind??

If you haven't guessed it by now, I LOVE the thrill of

finding a good treasure!! Seems I may have passed that
on to all 3 kids! Saturday, however, only Lauren and
Michael were willing to crawl out of bed early to join me
for sales. Micael got a pretty good-sized
box of baseball cards for 50 cents. He's having
so much fun looking through them.


Jenny said...

WOW! You did score!

Jana said...

Love all your bargains!!! That shelf is sooo cute-- I can think of several places I could put that!! ;-)