Monday, July 18, 2011

Scenes from Treasure Cove

Michael and his best friend Jonathan before

heading out to Treasure Cove!

Me and my team, the Sapphires. We are the ones wearing

the blue leis...although Jonathan tried to sneak into

the picture:)

Michael was on David's team, the Rubies. This

team will long be remembered for their

clever team cheers each and every night! The

boys loved it and looked forward to going each night!

Lauren really enjoyed being on the Emerald team.

Brenda was their team leader. Here they are just

singing away:)

Caleb and his best friend, Elizabeth,

were on the Diamond team led by Andrew

and Katie R. It's especially fun to watch these two

doing the motions to the songs..they both would stop

every so often and make sure the other

was getting it right!

Singing "Ephesians 1 verse 7"

Yep..Caleb is making sure Elizabeth gets


1 comment:

Brenda said...

What a picture of me! LOL! We sure loved VBS - and having Lauren on my team! :-)