Saturday, June 30, 2007

Vacation, Part II, Food and Shopping

This is our rental car. It was a great little car...till the night
we left. But, that's another story for another time. It was a Fiat Panda. Fiat is made by Ferrari. Chris and I both wondered aloud why these aren't sold in the US.
If anyone knows that answer, I'd like to know. It was a great
little car...most importantly, the A/C worked GREAT. A big
deal :) It was a stick shift, so I often begged to drive to wherever we
were was lots of fun to zip around in.

Our neighbors car seemed to have attracted the Geico posterboy.

Every day, at some point, we had to find one of these places, so we could
call home and talk to the kids. These places (not sure what you call them..maybe
a cyber cafe, without the cafe') had computers, faxes, copiers and
phones. We visited five different ones over the course of five days.
Not sure what the tree is in the front, maybe Melodie Sankey could help
me out with that. Calls home usually were approx. $.50 per minute.

A row of phone booths.

Nearly to Solimon Bay...had to call home!

Our first meal in Mexico was SCRUMPTIOUS. We were starving since
we hadn't eaten in 8 hrs. This was the first of MANY meals
eaten outside. All restaurants are 'al fresco" least the
ones we visited. On my plate were black beans,
white rice and some kind or chicken /veggie dish. Can't really
explain it without boring everybody, but it was so good that I
get very hungry every time I think of it. The owner was from Spain. So
he told us that the menu was influenced by Spain, France, and Italy. An
interesting, but tasty combination.

Chris buying milk. This is something I'm not sure I could
get used to...the milk is in boxes, non-refrigerated. The taste is very
different...but it kept us alive!! haha Also, the eggs are just sitting
out as well...not refrigerated. But, like the milk, we
ate them and survived just fine!

Buying bread at Soriana. Divide the prices by 10 to get the
approx. cost in American.

All these treats looks SO good. and they were rather cheap. It
was hard to get used to seeing them out in open
like this. Germs didn't worry me as much as I couldn't help
but think how DRY everything was getting. The items I bought weren't
too dry though.

After selecting items on the tray you take them to an
attendant to get them packaged and priced.

A table of delectable desserts

A little McD's treat stand. Here in our area, the McD's do not
have my favorite caramel. This one, just outside Soriana did.
I want every one to know, I ordered all by myself
in Spanish. LOL. I needed to know about 4 words...hahaha

These beautifully waxed floors always caught my eye.
Surely if they can keep them this
clean, with all the dirty foot traffic, you'd think I
could do better with my kitchen floors...haha There was
a guy out there cleaning them when we arrived...the
first of many times a day, I'm guessing.

Chris checking out at Soriana. The cashier shorted him 10 pesos..I think
on purpose. We Americans aren't supposed to be that good
with their money I guess...Maybe she really didn't mean to.


Jana said...

Loved the pics!! Very interesting! I would love to visit a place like that someday. The food just "sitting out" would definitely take some getting accustomed to. :-)

Tamra said...

Really enjoyed this photos!

Martha C said...

The car was "cute." It looks like a remote control. :-)
Let's see. . .as for food. . .I would've enjoyed the bread and sweets. Hee. Hee. I would starve if I had to go south of the border!
Enjoyed all of your pictures.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the pictures! Looks like fun! The tree you were wondering about looks like a coconut tree. Coconut trees are very common in Haiti and Dominican Republic where I grew up. Your pictures remind me of some of the nicer areas of the Dominican Republic.


Les said...

The car is cute! I don't know if I could get used to milk and eggs warm. I'm also like you and think of how dry the food would be getting!
I also enjoyed looking at your wedding and lemonade stand photos. I just returned from our mission trip (where I was with Drew Englund all week) and had to catch up!

Jon Plank said...

Yeah, I've gotta go there someday. Looks very interesting.

Bigbear said...

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