Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hot summer days...

Some mornings we take advantage of the big, empty
parking lot and ride bikes. The Shirk family lives just down the
hill from the parking lot, so the kids are often invited into their
yard to play. As a result, Lauren and Brianna have become VERY good friends.

We often hear the ice cream truck on surrounding streets, and poor
Michael will race to get his money....but the ice cream man drives
off without visiting our street. Last night, I decided I'd seen
enough disappointment...I jumped in the van and found him two
blocks away and told him there
were two very EAGER customers on Young Street....this time he
came! The kids were jumping up and down.

"Why don't I get any?"

Two seconds later...."cheese" with both hands up! Last week Caleb
grabbed my camera, held it up and said "cheese". While he was doing
it, I took a picture of him with my cell phone.


Martha C said...

Be careful of those ice cream trucks, Nancy. You NEVER know what they are selling. Ha. (Why am I warning you? You had a knack for picking out the "bad" guys! :-)

Nancy said...

It's funny you said my posting I was going to mention the fact that I suspicioned there's more for sale than ice cream. But I decided it sounded too judgmental....but I still think that!