Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lil' Entrepreneurs

This has been our "excitement" for the past 3 days...a lemonade
stand! Over the weekend, I hit a really good garage
sale and picked up the stand for just $1. Monday, I decided
we would capitalize on all the traffic from the community pool
just down the street. Everyday the pool closes at our hours of
operation are from 4:30 - 6:00. The kids have had
loads of fun. The first day, we started out selling small bags of chips
and lemonade. Since Monday's incident (read on) we now
only sell lemonade, red koolaid and Flavorice popsicles.

Here are a few of our customers. Also included in the picure is the
kids' hero...Jeff Englund. About the time Jeff happened to be visiting our stand,
we had a whole group of kids from the pool all at once. I was detained up
on the porch by about three kids who were determined
they were going to get a popsicle from me. I was just as determined they weren't
because they had not paid for any! Anyhow, two boys decided to walk off with
a bag of chips each. Jeff was the only one that saw them do it...they just walked
by so casually and snatched. As they were about halfway down the block,
Jeff yelled at them to "get back here! didn't pay for those! you can't just walk off
with a bag of chips". For some reason, they listened to him and
brought them back. To my kids, he really
saved the day. We decided against the chips because it seemed
very likely to happen again. The Popsicles and drink we
are able to keep hidden under the stand till they have actually paid.
Oh , the joys of a lemonade stand in the city!!!

Yesterday they were joined by a friend, Maddie Stetler. She
was quite thrilled to take home some of the profits as well. We
had a construction worker down the street buy a
drink and a Popsicle and give the kids $5. They
were thrilled! After most of the sales, they are jumping up and down.
To keep them from getting greedy, we are doing it
for missions today. They will still get the fun of running the stand
but the profits will go to someone else today!


Angie Davis said...

I bought that gigantic market stand for my boys thinking we could do that too, but we don't live on a very busy street. Besides, we caught Connor out on the sidewalk holding his hat and asking passing cars for money. :)

Jana said...

What a very neat and fun thing to do!!! (besides the extra $) My kids would be thrilled to be able to do that!! Khara and Kelsey tried to sell popsicles at a garage sale I had last year-- I don't think the temp got above 60. :-(

Oh, and by the way,...way to go Jeff!!! :-)

Martha C said...

This is so cute!
Angie, the "Connor" story is very funny!

Kendall & Leanna said...

I love seeing pictures instead of having to wait till our bi-yearly visits. :) Tell the kids I would love to visit their lemonade stand. And glad jeff saved the day. :)