Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday's Memory

We were married June 20th, 1997, at 6 PM. Rev. Larry Smith officiating.
(Larry and Carol had only been married a year themselves)
The colors were hunter green, cream and white.
Basically, I had always dreamed of a Christmas wedding. Chris and I
got engaged in Jan.,and truth be told, I couldn't wait till Christmas for that wedding.
So, I decided I could still use hunter green and have
an evening wedding. Bro. Larry Smith was a wonderful minister
and one of our favorite people
He tied the knot well! :)
We were married at a Congregational church in
my hometown. I always thought the church was so beautiful,
and since my parents were pastoring a little church at the time, I decided
just to rent this one. It took more than a little convincing, however,
for the pastor to let me use the facility. He said they'd never
rented it to a non-member before. He didn't realize how persistent a
young bride can took three visits, but he finally consented.

Girls: L to R : Leanna Lambeth (Englund now), Amy Goins,
Rebecca Paulus and Stephanie Sturtevant.
Guys: Craig Lambeth, Dan Neil, Jim Hamer and Brad Gingrich.
Now for a couple chuckles.... There were two things I insisted on in my wedding...
"had to haves" :) 1. real flowers for bouquets (I thought silk
was tacky) and my dress had to have a long train. In my own words exactly..
"When I'm standing at the front of the church, I want that
train hanging out the back door." Well, if I got married in
some holiness churches churches I've been to, that might have
been the case. However, I got married at the Congregational Church
in my hometown, so the aisle was too long. Really, I would've
liked the train even longer, but I had to also find a modest
dress to, so the combination really narrowed my options.
Now for another laugh, two hours BEFORE the wedding, I decided
it was probably a good time to get the top part of the dress filled
in. Mind you, I'd had the satin and dress a couple weeks ahead of time,
but to sew on my gown seemed SO scary to me....what if I ruined it???
So, around 4 pm, I decided it had to be done, so I sat in the back room of
the church and hand sewed it. Don't try to figure it all out....
this is one aspect of me that still has Chris stumped. Oh well,
it keeps our life more interesting....(I think)

Two hours after the wedding, we're both wondering
just what we'd gotten ourselves into.

We honeymooned for nearly a week at Disney. Two things
stand out in my memory....very hot,
very long lines. Anyway, it was fun!

It was Disney's 25th anniversary. I thought they made the castle
look so cute.

The above two pictures are where we went
for our wedding night. It was about an hour from my house.
The Inn is named Tara, after "Gone With the Wind". I just visited their website
and you can see all the rooms....very interesting. I forgot how pretty
they all were. We arrived late because of the
wedding, of course. I ended up wearing my wedding
dress, and going into the front door of this
beautiful place, I FELT "fancy" like Scarlett......really
fed my romantic side....haha It's almost amusing
now...They offer a 7 course meal, included in the price of the room.
We went back for our 1st anniversary and were able to enjoy that
and the beautiful gardens as well.
Hope you enjoyed all the pics and good laughs...
hopefully we've grown up along the way. As we were looking at these pictures
together last night, Chris and I both wondered aloud
"What were our parents thinking to let us get married this young???"
I have no regrets, though....


Chris said...

Don't worry anybody. I was 20.

Jon Plank said...

Interesting pics and commentary!

Nancy said...

Chris, you have to remember, I was the one that was only 16. Hahahaha....

Jana said...

Enjoyed seeing those pics. Very neat!! I thought I worked better under pressure, but sewing 2 hours before my own wedding---I would have been just a little bit stressed!! :-)

Mark and I honeymooned at Disney as well. Lots of fun!!

Kendall & Leanna said...

Enjoyed the walk down memory lane. I thought Chris was so young to get married at 20 then I turned around & did the same thing. =)And to answer your question- come down anytime. Tell Chris the chicken was marianted (teriyaki flavored).

Anonymous said...

You wish you were 16.

Angie Davis said...

Loved the wedding photos. I was a 22 year old dinosaur when we got married.

Monte & Amy said...

wow we looked young then, I forgot how cute your wedding was. Looks like you all had a nice Honeymoon and 10 Year anniversary.
I was only 18 when Monte and I got married. Yeah I really was a baby. Lets just hope that my children don't do that ;)

Nancy said...

Ok...I'll admit it. I was 22. Chris really was 20. But to look at the pics, I think he only looks 16. And Amy, LOOK OUT. You really have it coming!

Tamra said...

I really enjoyed these photos. The church is gorgeous! I think I would have been a little persistent about that one also.

Kelly S said...

I LOVE the hotel! Our 10th anniv. is coming up in August. I checked out the website, thinking that may be a possibility but after seeing the price, I think we'll have to postpone that one until the kids are grown and gone:) It's beautiful though! Would love to see your pictures if you have more.

~Heather~ said...

Enjoyed the post...all about the wedding! It was beautiful!

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! My girls are 6 and 9. I think that the sampler would do good to start with, like you said. Then on to sewing! =)

Take care, and have a great evening in Jesus!
Love, Heather =)

~Heather~ said...

Nancy, forgot to mention to you that we used Forest Green, and off-white in our June wedding too! =)
Great minds think alike! =D

Enjoyed seeing all of the pics!

Love, Heather =)

Carrie said...

Yep, you both look like little kids! ;)

~Heather~ said...

Hey girl...thanks for your comment on my blog...and thanks for answering my questions about Rhoda. That is nice that y'all had each other to talk through the sadness of what y'all were facing. Bless her heart, I cannot imagine loosing my Mother! I just heard about it yesterday. If you talk to her, you could just mention that I had heard, and am praying for her! I'd love to see her (their) baby girl sometime!

Thanks, Love, Heather
PS...I'd love to post some pics of my wedding, but only have 3 with me here in Colombia, but those do not show the colors of my wedding. If you want to see one wedding pic of Phillip and I, you could go to my blog, our 12th Ann. post...and the first pic on that slide show is our wedding pic on the South lawn of GBS! =)

Anonymous said...

At least you did not have a rainbow wedding. j/k