Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Saturday Evening Field Trip

Three ready to eat!

Saturday evening, we visited Jungle Jims in Fairfield. In addition
to the grocery store, they also have a shopping plaza, which is where
we found one of our favorite restaurants....favorite to the kids, that is.
Cici's! The kids love the cheesy bread there!

Caleb....14 months old and growing!

The unique restrooms in Jungle Jims. Once inside the
doors though, it's just a typical grocery store restroom.

Hungry???? Jungle Jims seems to be the one place you
could find practically ANYTHING you might be craving.

What about chicken feet...been a long time since you had those??

....or maybe it's duck heads you're wanting....

If you're having company, maybe you could treat them
to the expensive rattlesnake meat....at $76 per snake!
In addition, we saw beef hooves, pork snouts, ground antelope,
kangaroo medallions, and ground reindeer.

Very fresh talapia was on sale!

and they offer many kinds of other "stinky, smelly" (in my opinion)
seafood. Seriously, it smelled horrible.

Choosy about hot sauce?? this is one aisle...just A - D brands!

Store fronts representing the many kinds of national
foods they offer. They have several aisles of groceries
for each country. So, hey, if you're in this area, it's fun and free to
check out. The kids really enjoy all the sights. One thing that is
a must for me, everytime we go, I buy Amish Pumpkin Roll....so good
with lots of creams cheese filling...yummmmm...theirs
is the best I've tasted.


Jon Plank said...

We always liked going to Jungle Jim's. I believe I saw those restrooms featured on the national news here awhile back. Does anyone else remember that?

Tamra said...

We love going to Jungle Jim's...so very unique! I never get tired of all the "interesting" foods and decor. We mostly just like to go and look around, but Shane likes to buy their sushi (he's a BIG fan of just about any sushi). I'm not much for it, but will try a few.
Did you by chance get to visit the new Vera Bradley collection/store there? I haven't seen it yet.

Nancy said...

Jon...yes, it was in the news, although I don't remember it at the time. The TV you see in the restroom picture, plays those video clips constantly. Clips from newscasts all over the nation.
Tamra...I would have LOVED to have gone in the Vera Bradley store...I could see through the window 25% off signs. (not that I NEED another handbag) Anyway, we missed it just by a few minutes...it was closed already. It looked like a nice gift shop as well...maybe next time.

Les said...

I have been wondering where I could find some good duck head and rattlesnake! Now I know where to go. By the way, would you like to come over for dinner?

Angie Davis said...

Sounds like someplace I'd like to visit! Just curious, though--how many rattlesnakes did you purchase?

Sarah Cook said...

Never been there, but now my curiousity is going? There is a man from a church that Ron has been filling in at, that just recently bought kangaroo from there and I guess he liked it. I have eaten chicken's foot once while I was on a mission's trip to Tiawan. I am not generally a picky eater, but I am when I am expecting.
By the way, those wedding pictures from earlier were gorgious.