Friday, July 13, 2007

4th of July and Zoo days!

Here are a collection of pictures from our latest activities and outings. On the 4th, Chris decided to tackle the Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail. So, we all loaded into the van and took him to the start of the trail in Xenia, OH. The plan was for him to bike the trail, call us when he got to Newtown and we would pick him up and have a nice 4th picnic. Well, because of some "technical difficulties" with his bike, he only got about 14 miles down the trail. Basically, the kids and I were home only about 20 minutes and then we had to go up to Waynesville to retrieve him and the bike. I had not been home long enough to fix any sort of a picnic, so since he was waiting at the Domino's Pizza in Waynesville, I did what any thinking lady would have done....ordered pizza! We took it accross the road to a lovely park, and the kids had a lot of fun.

Yesterday, we visited the zoo with friends Jen and Katrin Eckert. Caleb and Katrin are only 3 days apart. The Cincinnati Zoo had a special sand sculpting exhibit last week, and left the giant sandbox behind. It is full of sand toys and with the lovely cool weather we had yesterday, it made for one LOVELY day at the zoo.
To end up the day yesterday, the ice cream truck drove by about 10PM. You never know when he might be driving by! We've about decided that ice cream truck is his only mode of transportation, so it drives by at all hours of the day and night! Only in Mt.! Caleb is VERY aware now when the older kids get a last night, he got his first Popsicle and ate every bite!


Les said...

I liked your pictures! We might be going to the Creation Museum the week of the 22nd. My two older boys went this week for church boys camp. They really liked it! I'm jealous I didn't get to go. I told them I saw pics on your blog and it looked really neat. We could get a group together for a field trip!

Kelly S said...

My kids have been wanting to go to the zoo. I would like to get season passes. We keep saying we want to do it, but haven't had time yet. Is it in a safe area, where I would feel safe taking the kids by myself?

Nancy said...

Les: You will really enjoy the museum. Just allow plenty of time to see everything. We spent 2 hrs. and didn't get through all the exhibits. Of course, a stroller can slow you down!
Kelly: Absolutely. The zoo is a really safe place. However, the surrounding neighborhoods are not the best. I HIGHLY recommend getting the zoo pass with parking included like we do. It's obviously more expensive,but I would not feel safe leaving my van on the street. Once on zoo property, I feel very safe. Your kids would LOVE it. We LOVE having a pass. That means we can visit the zoo in smaller, more frequent visits, without little ones getting hot and fussy. I feel like we really use our pass enough to where it's worth the's educational, so it always counts for field trips if you are still homeschooling.