Thursday, July 5, 2007

Congratulations Leanna!

Congratulations Leanna on passing your state boards. We are all so proud of you.


Chris & Nancy
Lauren, Michael, & Caleb


Kelly S said...

Nancy, I thought you would find this funny. Joshua has a link on his desktop to your blog. (There are only a few that I trust and allow him to look at - yours is one of those). He and Katie were looking at the pictures of your trip to Mexico and here's how the conversation went:

Joshua: Mommy, why does Nancy always have music on her blog?
Me: Because it's pretty and she likes it.
Katie: Probably because it's sooo saaaaad.
Me: What's sad Katie?
Katie: That she would go sooo far away and leave her kids for sooo long. So she has sad music because that's sooo sad.
5 minutes later....
Katie: Mommy, promise me you'll never leave me and go that far away.
Me: Katie, they stayed with their grandpa and grandma.
Katie: Without hesitation...Yeh, that would be great!

I guess she thought you left them home all alone:)

Nancy said...

That's hilarious! Thanks for sharing it! Now you just might have to go away with David after all....your kids seem to think grandma and grandpa wouldn't be such a bad deal after all :)

CALISTA said...

Is this Leanna -formerly-Lambeth??

Nancy said...

Yes, Calista. You got it right. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Although I don't know you, I love your name. Calista is such a pretty name...and you don't hear it often . I like that.