Friday, February 16, 2007

Post- Valentine's Day News

This is where we celebrated our Valentine's Day...a day late.
The choice of babysitters (from GBS) was very limited on
Valentines Day, so we went out one day later. This is a
fresh seafood restaurant downtown Cincy. Their menu changes
daily depending on what kinds of seafood they get in fresh. And guess what I had?
A steak. I love steak when we go out. Chris got Idaho Rainbow Trout.
It was I'm sure you can gather from the pictures.
As I said to Chris over dinner, I love going out with him, but
every bit as enjoyable is the adult conversation and
the lack of phrases such as "Mommy, can you
cut this for me?" "Oooo (or yuck) ...what IS this?" "Mommy. he made a
mean face at me" and so on!!! The funny thing is,
by the time the date is over, I miss the kids like crazy
and am just thrilled to come back home. I
guess that is a good thing, isn't it?!

My three special Valentines.
Lauren is in the nightgown that I just COULD NOT resist at
The Children's Place. I'm not sure if you can
tell or not, but it's a Valentine's Day nightgown with conversation
hearts. It even had a matching scrunchie. She loved it.
The kids made us Valentines. They wrapped up candy
(Jolly Ranchers from their stashes) in Kleenex tissues. They
were secured with hair rubber bands, and other assortments
of strings, ribbons, etc. (Mostly they raided
Lauren's hair accessory collection) I even
received an itty bitty box with two pennies
in it "so I could go to Christopher and Banks"! I'll REALLY
have to scout for bargains next time....


Anonymous said...

aaahh...a candlelight dinner. That looks so fun! David is away this week in Allentown, so I spent my Valentine's Day with the kids having the sort of conversations you described!

p.s. Katie wants to tell Lauren she loves her nightgown.
~ Kelly Stamper

Nancy said...

Hi Kelly! So glad to see you found me! Sorry about your Valentine's Day...maybe you will get to celebrate it later....

Laura Byer said...

I have one just like yours and I like mine too! LOTS!

Brenda said...

That IS a really cool nightgown - and an adorable picture of the 3 kids!