Thursday, February 8, 2007

Look comes trouble!

Having fun with a favorite toy

And yes....he gets into EVERYTHING! One of his favorite places
of mischief is the cupboard where I keep
the cleaning supplies. Maybe this is a sign he will help
me clean someday. lol. Yeah...and the reason he is in a turtleneck
that doesn't match his outfit is because he already
had a shirt change and a good scouring...he was up to his
favorite mischief of all....splashing in the potty. (This
is becoming a daily occurrence) I try to keep the bathroom doors closed at all
times, but with two forgetful children and two separate bathrooms
I'm not always able to accomplish that! Yes...he's
FULL of mischief, but I wouldn't trade him for the whole world!
On a sweeter note, Lauren told me today, "Mommy, you think you
know how much I love you. But I love you 31 million more
times than that. " As Michael was getting ready for
his bath tonight, he informed me, "Mommy, I love bathtubs....but I love you more."
As for Chris, he came home with a box of my favorite cookies.....iced cookies
from Busken. He definitely knows what I like and knows they only have
50 mg sodium per cookie! I'm working on my 3rd one. Oh well,
I LOVE my life and I wouldn't change a thing! Just thought
you'd like to know :)


Jana said...

What is it with little boys and under the cabinet cleaning supplies?? Kaden has gotten into them sooo many times. I threw away a nice pair of overalls the other day because of a bleach mark from the dishwasher detg.--found under the sink. :(

Julie said...

Maybe this is what I have to look forward to with Bryce since I've never had trouble with Mollie getting into my cleaning supplies. Maybe little boys are just more curious! Cute pictures!

Leanna P. said...

Well, I have a little girl and she sure does love to open the cabinet under the kitchen sink where all the cleaning supplies are, but she hasn't suceeded in opening any of them yet because... I have now put those safety locks on just those 2 cabinet doors. The rest are fair game and I can clean up the mess. Good luck, but it's not just the boys :) The pictures are very cute.

dorcas said...

Safety locks are the ticket. Philip has put them on all our cabinet doors that are within Blakes reach. They have locks to put on the toilet as well.

Nancy said...

THANKYOU DORCAS! I keep forgetting the cabinet locks when I'm at the store. I didn't even think about a lock for the toilet....I will be going to Babies R Us ASAP!!!! thanks!

Martha C said...

Nothing beats Busken cookies! I miss them, too. :-)
Isn't motherhood wonderful?! I enjoyed reading your kids' comments.