Monday, February 5, 2007

Monday's Memory

Wedding Party
Michelle Elsey & Jason Hopkins
(for some reason I can only remember
the bridesmaids, but none of the groomsmen)
Bridesmaids were: Leanna Englund, Sarah Burkett,
Mary Hollenbock and Lynette Hopkins

Lauren was the flower girl
Michael was the Bible - bearer

They were married in June, 2004
Lauren was almost 4 and Michael had just turned 2
His little tux was a 2T. So cute. I had
never seen one so little! She had an evening wedding,
so the kids were able to get in good naps at
the motel before the wedding, so they both did their
parts just wonderful.....MUCH to my relief.

Michelle asked Lauren and Michael
to be in her wedding because she
was their babysitter while Chris and I went on
dates or while I was in class (working on my degree)
She has remained one of their favorite babysitters.

One of my favorite pictures
of Lauren. Just captures that
excited little girl look. She immensely enjoys being
in weddings, going to weddings, looking
at pictures of weddings....wonder
where she gets that????

The best part of the wedding (to the kids) was
getting to blow bubbles. The groomsmen even
had bubbles guns. We brought two of the guns home
but they only lasted for two days :(
Like the kids and I always say "must have come
from Walmart" haha


Stephanie said...

Hey! I'm glad you posted these because I don't think I've ever seen pics of their wedding! It was beautiful! Jason is my grandma's pastor's boy. What a good kid. Not that it matters, but some of the groomsmen were Jeremy Hopkins, Jaren Miles, Mark McCall (my sister-in-law's brother) and a couple others whom I recognize but can't name. Thanks for sharing the memory. Your kids were adorable! I think Ryan was in 4 weddings by the time he was 5. It was fun.

Anonymous said...

Nancy, Sunday we passed the motel in Franklin where you and I and kids stayed for Michelle's wedding. How interesting you'd post it this week (or was it last week?) I'm just now reading your blog finally.
Proud Grandma of 7