Monday, April 2, 2007

Red's Opening Day Parade

Waiting for the was warm, but windy.

Their 88th parade....our third!

Most of all, we enjoy the patriotic aspect of the parade. It always
makes you feel SO PROUD to be an AMERICAN!!!

One of Michael's favorites!

Anthony Munoz and a real soldier...notice the leg. Aren't we grateful?

Just for Martha...I know you love the Clysdale horses!

The Pops float...with a large"Eric Kuntzel" on top!

How do they do this????

Maybe some of the zoo visitors will recognize the guy
that always does the bird show. The parrot he's holding can sing the
first line of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"

One of my favorites...these guys are always so silly
with their lawnmowers!

This was new and very cute.....reminds you of Marion the Librarian!

Caleb enjoying the parade...nearly an hour and a half into the parade.

Just for Chris


Linda said...

Looks like a lot of fun!!

Martha C said...

Ahh. . .I have been to the parade. :-)
At least it wasn't cold and rainy like last year. Thanks for the horse picture. I love those huge beasts!!! Remember when the one left a "treat" on the road, and it was not scooped up for awhile? It caused a bit of shifting for a good many people walking near it!

Sankey Family said...

Nancy, Thanks so much for these of the things we miss so much about living in Ohio is going to Opening Day Parade - it was always so fun for our family. Thanks for a glimpse into this year's parade!