Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Of shoes...and other news

Getting his foot measured
For Caleb's birthday, Chris and I decided that a good present
would be a pair of shoes for summer. With two older siblings,
he is currently drowning in toys. (And from other posts, you
can tell he doesn't play with them anyway!) Chris had in mind
tennis shoes, Mommy had in mind sandals. Since Mommy did the shopping,
sandals won out! LOL!

Trying on the new shoes.

Thrilled with his new sandals!

The sales lady did something that scared him...not sure what!

Ready to go home in his new sandals....mission accomplished!


Carrie said...

Hey, we've done shoes for the boys' birthdays a couple of times!

Boy, Spring Picnics sure have changed since we were in college, huh? :) No more rowboats or matching shirts?

Martha C said...

I loved all the picnic shots!

Monte & Amy said...

Yeah shoes are great Birthday gift. Looks like he enjoyed them also, so sad that the sales lady scared him ;(

Nancy said...

Carrie, good more matching shirts. And my personal favorite, no more hose. (at picnic ONLY :) )

Kendall & Leanna said...

Caleb is so cute. Can't wait to see him (and the rest of you) next week. :)

Aimee said...

Okay I just read your comment on Angie's blog - "How to pick a godly husband that can make Peter Pan nervous." That is hilarious!!! I'm so asking you the next time I need a title for something! lol =0