Friday, April 20, 2007

Happy First Birthday, Caleb

Happy Birthday, Caleb! You have brought us so much
laughter and fun! We love you more than you
could ever imagine!

Lauren and Michael love you too!

As of 5:30 this morning, Caleb is officially 1 year old!
He is almost always happy and full of smiles. Lately, he's
started calling me "Mom!" Whenever he wants something, he
just says "mom" over and over till he gets what he
wants.So far he can say, dog, ball, daddy, baby, thankyou, Lauren,
Michael, shoes and bye-bye. He loves to play peek-a-boo, and
his favorite toy is a ball. He loves music and starts bouncing
up and down when it comes on. If
it's a song he likes, he'll clap or sing along. Singing
is just "aaaaaa" . But he was "singing" along so loud
in the van yesterday, that we had to turn the music up! I love
this stage where everyday he learns something new.
We just can't imagine our lives without Caleb!

He's always got a kiss if you ask for one!

Lauren and Michael are thrilled with him, but the
feeling isn't reciprocated!!

Just had his first bath...about 1hr. 30 min old!

Waiting for his bath...1 hr. old!


Daddy said...

Happy Birthday, Caleb! I love you! I can't believe that you are 1 already.

Les said...

Happy birthday! He is too cute for words!

Angie Davis said...

He looks hilariously mischievious! They grow up too fast. My baby is going to be two the end of May.

Monte & Amy said...

It is so sad how fast children grow up, but each stage is so cute and fun. Sounds like Caleb has lots of energy and love to go around.