Saturday, March 31, 2007

Wishing everyone a blessed Pom-pom Sunday

What exactly IS Pom-pom Sunday? Well, Chris and I just found out this evening. On the way home from shopping, we overheard the following conversation.
Lauren: Well Michael, tomorrow is Pom-pom Sunday.
Michael: What is pom-pom Sunday?
Lauren: Don't you know? You get to wave pom-poms in church. Don't you remember last year how they had all the Sunday School kids come in the back of the church and wave pom-poms to surprise all the parents?
By this time, Chris and I were laughing and Michael thought Pom-pom Sunday sounded pretty neat! Hope you all have a good Sunday!


Jenn said...

That is too cute!! Happy Pom-pom Sunday to you all!!

Tim and Patty said...

I wonder what happened to the pom-poms yesterday? My kids were also expecting them. By the way, I started a Blog last week. I am having fun with it. My address is

Martha C said...

How was the parade? :-) I thought of you today.

Kelly S said...
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Kelly S said...

How cute. My children too were very excited about waving the palm branches last Sunday and were sooo disappointed that they didn't have them. Honestly, I was sort of disappointed too. It always adds so much to the service and makes the meaning of Palm Sunday come alive for the kids. Oh well- maybe next year:) p.s. The deleted message above this one was mine. Don't ask me how I did that.