Saturday, March 24, 2007

Lauren's First Recital

Thursday night, at our church, Robyn Clemens held her
recital for her piano students. This was Lauren's first recital
since starting lessons last Nov.Of course, Lauren was not the least
bit nervous. I was. I had
to play three times. Also, we would've had a nice
DVD clip of this for you all to view, but SOMEBODY made sure
she charged the battery ALL day and then left
the battery on the charger. I was so upset with myself. aaaagh!

Lauren and I also played "Holy, Holy, Holy" together

Esther Byer performs

Robyn Clemens and I played a fun little duet
version of "Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho"

Lauren and her teacher

Lauren and her little friend, Madelyn Stetler

A neat little group of kids enjoying the cookies and lemonade
after recital in the fellowship hall.
L to R: Michael, Chris Stamper,Katie Stamper,Maddie Stetler,
Lauren and Kourtlyn Frankenberry.

Girl fun afterwards


Brenda said...

I love to hear piano recitals of small children. I've heard the parents are always much more nervous than the kids are. Lauren sure looks grown up here - like a little lady! :-)

Jana said...

Oh piano recitals... I still remember my recital piece from 2nd grade. Funny, Little, Bunny--it had a B flat in it--way cool for a 7 year old. :-) I am in the process of searching for a teacher for Khara she is begging to start lessons. I wish I was in an area blessed with teachers like Cincy.

Lauren looked very pretty.

Martha C said...

How fun! Lauren looked so cute on the bench.
Know what you mean about being nervous! When Seth and I played our first duet together (last May at his K graduation), I was so worried about him, I messed up! It was quite funny, and it's all on video so I can be laughed at for generations.

Kendall & Leanna said...

I agree with Brenda about Lauren looking so grown up. She is growing up so fast. Makes me feel kinda old. :)