Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We escaped to the Great Smoky Mountains last week! We had been planning this vacation since Christmas. The trip was a birthday surprise for my Dad. He had been wanting to go to the Smokies for years. We left Tuesday morning and came back Friday afternoon.

One of the welcome centers that the kids love...they offer free popcorn and sodas.

Our cabin in Pigeon Forge. It had three king size suites with jacuzzis. My parents took the top floor and sitting loft, the kids took the main floor, and Chris and I had the bottom floor and game room.
A view of the loft. The cabin had a spacious airy feel...very nice.

The kids were thrilled to see the pool table.....

The first day, my parents were still getting over their colds, so they stayed at the cabin with Caleb while Chris and I took Lauren and Michael to "Wild Woodys"....a three-story go-cart track. It's hard to say who had the most or the kids!!

Michael at the wheel....look out!

Lauren coming around the bend

Michael right behind her....

Lauren LOVED this airplane ride.....made me almost dizzy to watch her!

Ready and waiting for the Dixie Stampede.

Thursday we went in Gatlinburg for a little shopping. On a whim, we decided to stop by an indoor Putt Putt course and had a great time playing guys against the gals!

Lauren was thrilled she got a hole in one. Just as was my Mom's first time to play putt putt ever!

Caleb LOVED the game of course! We kept him busy with a hole just ahead or behind us! Even if the hole was on a slope, he wouldn't give up until he had gotten his ball in the hole! It was so fun to watch him!

When he finally succeeded, he would have the biggest grin on his face as he annonced to everybody "I got it!"

Thursday, we also spent some time driving through some of the National Park. It was just spite of the cloudy sky!

As I mentioned, my parents were battling colds when we left. By the time we came home, my Mom was very sick. Saturday she finally went to the Dr. and found out she had pneumonia. Caleb was sick the whole vacation with the flu, but he too got worse when we got home. Over the weekend, Chris and I both got VERY sick. Monday, Caleb, Michael and I all went to the Dr. I have Bronchitus, Caleb has an ear infection and horrible cough, Michael just has a cough. Chris is on the mend and Lauren apperently is the healthiest of all....she never got sick. She was the family nurse...getting tissues, drinks, pills, you name it!
Now I have piles of laundry that have been accumulating for a week, so I better run! Hope everyone has gotten some of the beautiful weather we've been enjoying the past couple days. It has been so nice to have the windows open and fresh air blowing in.


cincymarge said...

Looks so fun!! We have been talking about wanting to go there! I love the nice!

Brenda said...

Wow - nice cabin! I love Gatlinburg and would love to go back. Enjoyed all the pictures. That last one is beautiful - looks like a picture on a calendar or postcard.

Kendall & Leanna said...

Loved the pictures. glad you all had a good time in spite of sickness. :)

sankey family said...

What a fun vacation except all the sickness!
Love the pictures. The Lodge looks awesome!~ Melodie

Angie Davis said...

Any chance you'll be at IHC, Nancy?

loree2000 said...

The scenic photos are lovely....
Love the cabin.

That's terrible that you all got sick. What a way to hamper the vacation spirit!

Carrie said...

Wow. It looks like everyone I know went that week! I was a week too late!

Martha C said...

Ummmm. . .Nancy, I have a hard time believing you put that Spurs logo on your blog. :-)
Come to think of it. . .it probably is against that "list." Hee. Hee.