Monday, April 28, 2008

Whew....a busy week

We had a rather busy week last week.....hence, no posting from me! Sunday, the 20th, our "baby" turned he's entered the "terribly exciting" twos! It was such a gorgeous day that we stopped by a park downtown for a quick photo session. The kids cooperated very well, but the camera lens apparently had a smudge on it. ugh! Anyway....

here are my two favorite little boys

my three favorite kids!

a couple mounted police were clip-cloping by on the street and decided to let the kids meet the horses

after I showed Caleb how to "smell" the flowers for the pictures, he proceeded to snort at many of the flowers! It was hilarious!

Happiest....with my family around me!

My four favorite people on the planet!

Lauren takes a turn with the camera....not bad for 7!

After Sunday dinner. it was time for presents. Once he opened his "baskie" no other presents mattered!

And's half as big as he is, but he lugs it all over the house anyway.

The older brother and sister each bought and wrapped a box of orange Tic Tacs...bought with their own allowance $$

Trying my hand at cake decorating! He was thrilled!

Tuesday, the 22nd, I had a little morning play date party for Caleb. He had fun playing with Katrin, Elliot, and Elizabeth. I, of course, had fun chatting with the Moms.

Waiting for cake......

Katrin E. and Elizabeth M.

The 22nd was also Chris's birthday too. He had the fun of assembling his own birthday present from me.....a new grill.

Thursday evening, was the Aldersgate Academy's Spring Program. Lauren and Michael were both in the Grades 1-4 choir. They sang a cute song called "Nursery Rhyme Nonsense". The kids were encouraged to pick a character from the song and dress up.

One guy decided the Enquirer was more interesting I guess. He read it the whole time. I never did decide which kid he was there to see....he never put the paper down. He even remembered to bring a bottle of Pepsi to quench his thirst periodically.

Lauren dressed up like little Polly Flinders.....the song said she put her cat in the here she is with the cat

Michael wanted to be the cow that jumped over the moon.

Friday night, we joined friends Jenn and Katrin for a fun time at the park near their house.

3 kids having a grand time!

Saturday evening our churches' Young Adult class had a cookout. We are SO blessed to be part of such an awesome group of young people/married couples. It's always so fun to sit and chat, play games, share a devotional, and of!

Sunday evening, the grill was finally ready for a "test drive"! Chris grilled delicious hamburgers. I'm so glad I got him that!

So, that's the news from Lake Wobegon! We hope to finish homeschooling this week, so I might be able to do a little better at blogging. Although I have LOTS of plans for my free time!!!


Kendall & Leanna said...

Enjoyed the update and looking at all the pictures. :)

cincymarge said...

looks like fun...what church do you all go to?

I love that pic of your little guy smelling the tulips!! adorable! My fave flower too!

Nancy said...

Marge, we attend Kenwood Bible Methodist Church on Kugler Mill Rd. in Kenwood. We've been going there for almost a year now and LOVE it. Where do you all attend?

sankey family said...

I loved your newsy update and all the pics, especially the ones in the park. Your kids are adorable!
Great job on the basketball birthday cake.

Tamra said...

Enjoyed catching up with what's been going on with ya'll. Adorable photos and you did a great job on the cake.
P.S. I wanted to get to talk to you at IHC, but didn't get the opportunity. Maybe next time...