Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter Pictures

Finally....posting what Easter pictures I have! I really am supposed to be packing for our trip tomorrow, but being the procrastinator that I am, Mon. morning seems much too early. My husband knows I typically stay up late the night before we leave furiously throwing things in suitcases while the rest of the house is getting ready for bed. But not this time. Today I'm going to do things differently. I will pack today...but after I blog first! LOL!
Easter morning here was chilly, so I wasn't in the mood to take pictures. Some Sunday morning when it feels like spring, maybe I'll get some then! Before leaving for church we let the kids find their Easter baskets. Then after lunch, I had an Easter Egg hunt for them....not knowing they would get one at Junior church that evening! So, they had a fun day!

Caleb's favorite toy in the whole world..... a ball. He has a bin full of them. He has to have one in his hand or tucked under his arm every time we go to the store, the mall, church, etc. As a result, every time we go shopping, I find myself going WAY out of my way to avoid sight of any balls....he thinks he needs every one he sees! He loves to play "baskees" (basketball) and it seems we have somewhat of a basketball-crazy toddler! Needless to say, he was thrilled with what he got in his Easter basket.

This year, I went VERY light on the candy. I did put a few M n Ms in their plastic eggs, but it was very few! Instead, we got them a couple Easter presents. We got them the DK Illustrated Family Bible I had my eye on for quite some time. If you are looking for something VERY nice for family devotions, this is it. I am very happy with the beautiful pictures andsimple story form. Very lovely.
The second present was Lego Mosaic. This is another REALLY creative toy from Lego. The kids (and me) have been having lots of fun doing this together. There are 10 patterns of pictures you can make yourself, then you can use your imagination and just make oodles of designs.

And then there's Pumpkin! The kids love her dearly (still) and she seems to be quite a good disciplinarian as well. The other night, Caleb was bothering her for the 100th time, and just as he cornered her, she hissed at him and then swatted him hard on the leg. (thankfully no claws!) He came running and told me, "Mommy, Pumpum pankin'!"

I just realized I haven't said where we are going on vacation. Well, you'll just have to wait till I post the pictures! :)


Nancy said...

I also went easier on the candy this year. One chocolate Easter bunny, but they made up for it at a homeschool egg hunt and at Grandma's.

I would like more info on the Family Bible you mentioned.

Have a great vacation wherever you go!

Nancy said...

Nancy, thanks for the comment. If you go back to my original posting, I created a link so you can just click on the DK Bible and it will take you to Amazon.

Tamra said...

The Lego Mosaic looks really neat. I haven't seen them before, but it looks like something Bryson would enjoy. Happy vacationing! Don't keep us waiting too long! :)

Jana said...

Have a great vacation!! Hopefully it's somewhere warm and sunny!! :-)

BTW, I love Lauren's Easter dress and headband!!

Nancy said...

Thanks! It was the same color as the text so I didn't realize it was a link. I'll check it out.

cincymarge said...

adorable pics of the kids!!

I dont have any brilliant ideas about getting the kids to learn the Bible verses. What I have been doing though is using index cards and putting it on there and when they learn I give them sticker for their index card and then I put next one on there. Lelani is just learning by hearing them recite so much. I heard Nicole Cassidy I think has some cool ideas about that. Have not checked out yet. Have a great day!

Lisa said...

Great pics! My little one is CRAZY over matchbox I know how it is, you don't leave home w/o......or else it may be a reverse trip! :)

Take care,

The amazing aunt:)lol said...

Those pics are ADORABLE!!

snakesnailsbuttonsnbows said...

Howdy, Your kids look as adorable as ever! Can't wait to see you'all soon.

Aaron & Lanee said...

I know where you're going . . . BUT I won't spill the beans LOL!
Have fun - and very good about not putting too much candy in the Easter baskets. :) Did you get that idea from me or some other smart person? LOL! LOL!