Thursday, August 14, 2008

Meeting Kallie Renee'

Yesterday afternoon I went up the hill to Christ Hospital and met a very precious little bundle.....Kallie Renee'. And she is every bit as charming as she looks! I managed to interupt her afternoon snack, but she was very gracious and didn't seem to mind! She was awake the whole time I was there looking at me with very bright eyes. In fact she looked at me so much and seemed so comfortable with me as I was talking to Jenn, I DID wonder if she possibly could have gotten familiar with my voice from all the times she's overheard me chatting with her Momma! Who knows!
I was terribly charmed by her winsome personality!
Congratulations to a great friend, Jenn, and her husband Paul!!! and of course big sister Katrin!
You can read more about her here.


Lisa R said...

I'm so jealous! Kallie thought about opening her eyes for me, but that's about as far as she got! And good for you - you remembered your camera, which is more than this aunt did!

cincymarge said...

She is a beautiful little baby! :)