Friday, August 29, 2008

Before We Head HERE.....

I will leave you all with an update! I should be finishing the packing, but I decided to go ahead and update the blog since I've neglected it so badly in the last couple weeks!
We are heading to Topsail Island, NC sometime this evening and driving through the night. It should be about a 12 hour I'm anxious to get it behind us. We have rented a house just one block from the beach and will be staying for exactly a week. I'm SO looking forward to spending some time together as a family!

Now back to the past....I have been busy with babysitting. I was babysitting full time until school started, but now it's just after school care and piano lessons.. But still....that's enough for me! (No...I don't babysit Caroline....she just comes over so Lauren won't feel so out-numbered!LOL!)

We started back to school two weeks ago. I must confess, this year I didn't feel a lot of excitement. It was more a gritting of the teeth and will power! The kids were pretty excited about it though. As the days have gone by, it has gotten easier and I'm beginning to enjoy it again. I do love teaching....especially when it's your own kids. I love to see them learn!! We are pretty busy with our outside activities as well. Lauren and Michael are each in Music Class with the Academy, Lauren has piano lessons, Michael will be starting piano soon, and I will be starting Caleb in a library Storytime when we get home.
This week alone, we have had a lot of "lessons in Nature" Lauren put it. Earlier in the week, Lauren found LOTS of snails...22 to be exact....and the kids played endlessly with them. I almost pitied the poor things. They got everything from water dumped on them, to rides on the swings out back.

They are so cute, aren't they!

Last night, my neighbor Martha, came over and invited the kids to watch some puppies being born. What an offer.....we couldn't resist another "lesson in Nature"! The mother dog had already had three, and after MUCH patient waiting, #4 made it's appearance! They were SO cute!

Look how tiny they were in comparison to Caleb's hand!

Well, I better run. Until next time, I will enjoy the sun and sand for you all! LOL!


Tamra said...

Topsail looks beautiful. Have a great time!

George Gardei said...

Sister Lambeth,

I found your blog. :waves:


P.S. I feel for those snails

cincymarge said...

wow...beautiful!! I didnt know that you taught piano. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

What about the rain from the hurricane?

Jana said...

Hope you have a wonderful time!!! Leanna had told me this was in the plans...ENJOY!!!

Katrin Elisabeth said...

I enjoyed looking at your blog! Have a wonderful vacation!
Katrin C.

Nancy said...

Sorry, brave anonymous!

No rain so far. The weather has been lovely.

Mom said...

I had to look twice to believe it was Lauren in the picture of the 6 kids sitting on the wall, she's getting so tall. Seems fewer than 8 years ago I held her as a tiny baby and she wouldn't stop crying no matter what we did!
LOve your blog, the snails are cute, Daddy said he never saw them like that.
Love, ym