Saturday, October 13, 2007

Homecoming and Days Out

Fun in the sand at the Museum Center

In the "Old Fashioned" store at the Museum

Caleb with his friend, Katrin

What is up with this duck???We are very curious
to know what the plastic object is in the middle of the tummy!
If anybody knows, please share your knowledge! Carrie...have you seen
this before??

Feeding the ducks at Eden Park

Even Caleb enjoys breaking up and throwing the bread

Telling Daddy about feeding the ducks back at campus

Dr. Farmer receives Staff/Faculty award, due in
part to his leadership in pursuit of HLC accreditation

The "anybody that's ever sung in a trio or quartet" choir

The friendly cow down at Homefest in the gym

Aaron Marshall and the "Sleeping Beauty", Danielle

Friends....Brianna Marshall and Lauren

A group of bloggers! Lanee', Stephanie, Jenn and me

Lisa trying her best to convince Jeremy that they need one
of these.....j/k
I have no idea what they're talking about. Just thought it would
make the blog more interesting

Lanee' and her live baby doll! Isn't she a cutie??

Michael and Katrin

It's quite a mix of pictures I know, but if I'm ever to get you caught up,
I have to start somewhere! LOL! As you can see, we've been having lots of fun. We''ve
all been going through some pretty bad colds...Chris and I have had it the worst, thankfully.
I'd rather be sick that have sick children!
We have been busy with school, of course, but we manage to make time
for lots of field trips. One of our favorites is going up
to Eden Park to feed the ducks. It's a pretty park that over looks
the city and is home to 100+ ducks. The kids are always thrilled
when I find some stale bread in the means a trip to the duck
pond. This week we were joined by friends Jenn and Katrin Eckert.
We also just purchased a pass to the Cincinnati
Museum Center. Hence all the museum pictures.
We had been visiting the museum on "Free Fridays"....
once a month they have free admission after 4PM. The last time
we were there, they were giving out coupons for $20 off a pass. It was an
offer too good to pass up since the museum is only a 7 minute drive for us.
(One of the perks of city!)So, you'll be seeing many more
picures from there in the future! They have a great Children's Museum.
OK Angie and Lanee''s not 4 floors, but hey...the kids love it! :)
The kids just love the giant sandbox in the Natural History
and Science Museum.
Last night was Homecoming here on campus. It was lots of fun. Lauren made the
comment this morning at breakfast the "Homecoming is almost just
as fun as Christmas!" Well, I agree. It is lots of fun to see old friends....
that's always my favorite part...getting to chat with people we haven't
seen in a while! We even got a few
bloggers together for a picture. I saw several other bloggers
but it's hard to get everyone in one spot at the same time!


Carrie said...

Ok, firstly, it looks like a bubble wand is on the ground and you just happened to take the picture of the duck right when it looked like the bubble wand was sticking out of it

OR....someone stabbed a duck with a bubble wand!

Secondly, I really missed not being able to go to Homecoming this year. I had to work and as far as priorities go, it is MUCH more important that I absolutely be there next year--10 years!!!! Aaah! I surely can't be that old!!

Thirdly, I think next year we bloggers need to go out for breakfast on the Saturday morning after Homecoming!

Beth Stetler said...

Thanks for the pics of Homecoming. It's our first year to miss in forever. :-(

Charity said...

Thanks for all the pictures! Maybe we will make it back up there for Homecoming one of these years! As for the duck... I agree on the bubble wand theory. But it looks like something you pull to make it quack! :)

Nancy said...

To Carrie and Charity....I promise...the bubble wand is really IN the duck. I've seen it several times before. And it looks exactly like a bubble wand. My theory was that perhaps someone had used a plug to mark the duck in some friend Jenn said "'s one of those bubble has ridges just like a bubble wand." Looking closer, I could see that's what it was......the mystery continues. I think Carrie needs to figure it out because she may have to perform "bubble wand" surgery someday. Who knows??

Martha C said...

That wand gives me the creeps!
Loved all the Homecoming pics. I am so glad you posted some.

Kendall & Leanna said...

Enjoyed the pics. The sandbox looks like a lot of fun for the kids. Glad we got to spend a few hours with ya'll last weekend. :)

Carrie said...

That's a little weird. I wonder if the bubble wand is actually stuck INSIDE the duck or if it's just wedged in between the feathers?

Nancy said...

I tend to think it's actually inside the duck because we saw it for the first time late spring I think. If it was just stuck in the feathers, I think it would eventually work it's way out. Keep trying :)