Monday, October 22, 2007

Fall/ School Days

Yesterday, while walking home from lunch at the dining hall, we (I) decided that the day was just too pretty to enjoy without some pictures! So, Chris happily trudged home to get the camera! The kids found this large mushroom in the south lawn.

This is the blue sky that prompted the photo session! :) Picture perfect day!

Caleb turned 18 mo. on Saturday.

Caleb is saying "me". Usually we ask the kids things like "who wants to go get some ice cream?" To which they all shout "me " and raise their hands. Well, while the two older ones were saying "cheese", he thought we were taking a vote again!

Having loads of fun!

Little "Miss GBS"

Last week I made homemade Stromboli, so I let the kids play with some left over dough, cheese and ham. They decided to make their own pizzas. They had worked the dough so much that the pizzas came out of the oven with a texture like "crackers". But hey, they had fun and made a big mess, so that's all the counts!!

Lauren proudly displays their pizzas.

Home school Present......Caleb "hiding" with the pencil sharpeners.

A very studious Michael.

A very clownish Lauren.....

Caleb LOVES to color at his desk and pretend he's really in school. He hollers "DONE" (like the big kids) when he makes a scribble, and then he gets a sticker on his page.

Home school Past.........We've come a long way since the first day of school, though. His favorite past time then was standing on the desks!

Lauren and Michael trying to teach Caleb.

Like I said, we've come a long way ;) The first couple of days I wasn't sure how I was going to home school with the distraction....called a little brother. Lauren and Michael have gotten better at tuning him out and he's gotten better at occupying himself!
I have to say homeschooling has become something I enjoy immensely. I have decided to teach them myself, and hold off on DVD or satellite till they get into the harder grades. I was a little apprehensive about starting school this year....I knew we'd have the distraction of Caleb and I also had to tackle Kindergarten with a boy this year. I'd heard that boys were more of a challenge than girls. Well, so far I'm not finding much of a difference. Michael seems to love learning just like Lauren did and it's been an absolute joy to watch him take off in reading. He is always amazing me with what he can sound out and read. They seem to really enjoy being in school together.
The added blessing has been having a home school room this year. I might not always be so fortunate, but some days I enjoy closing the door on the mess and dealing with it "tomorrow"!


Les said...

Such cute kids. I have all boys (I do not homeschool) but the 3 in school, love it too. It does make things easier!

Martha C said...

I love Lauren's blue and white dress!
Caleb looks like such a bundle of fun. :-)
Happy homeschooling.

Tamra said...

Cute photos! Michael is adorable "covered" with flour! Looks like they had a great time baking.
I think Caleb and Jillian would get along fantastic. She is also very busy.

Kendall & Leanna said...

They are such cute kids. Looks like they're having fun homeschooling. :) ttyl

Angie Davis said...

Your kids are just too cute!

Brenda said...

Wow! Blessings on you for undertaking the task of homeschooling. They look like they are enjoying it!

cincymarge said...

enjoyed your pics of kids they are adorable!!!